2005 EFI LIVE Tuned Duramax

Clips of the new setup in action.. Big Thanks to Tyreboyz Diesel **3/16/13 Well I'm Pulling the motor now to install ARP Studs, II 30% Injectors, Up-Pipes and Manifolds,LBZ mouthpiece, 4094 turbo!** 600+hp Here we come Update* 4/11/13 Got heads machined and rebuilt. I found that 4 connecting rods were bent. So I'm adding manley forged rods, fingers oval lowered compression pistons, and some big hp goodies as we speak. I can't wait to get the truck back together!

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EFI Live Lope tune and burnout

EFI live duramax pulling onto the highway
using the go-pro to get a shot of me pulling onto the highway before i de-tuned it back to stock for the winter truck is an 02 ext. cab LT 4x4 EFI live, biggest tune you can run w/o a lift pump 4" straight pipe full clutches and shift kit, stock converter and shafts

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Loudest lly duramax
04 duramax