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Brembo Plastic Brake Caliper Covers
Another way to install not using high head bonding glue.

Plastic Brembo Caliper Cover, $10 Fake Brembo Brake Covers.
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How To Install Brembo Brake Caliper Covers - Quick And Easy
How To Install Brembo Brake Caliper Covers - Quick And Easy Here is what you need - 1. Flat Head Screwdriver 2. Tiger Seal Here is what to do - remove the wheels first... On the front just lift the wire holder with a flat head screwdriver and push into place ( yes it's that simple ) On the rear clean up the caliper with a wire brush and then clean away any grease using a brake and clutch cleaner - apply tiger seal onto the face of the calliper and inside the calliper cover that's going on - hold into place and leave for 24hrs to set. DONE! Where to buy them? - ar-Set-Kit-Brembo-style-/222563615412?hash=item33d1d342b4:g:o7AAAOSwq~tZOd4 k ---------------------------------------------------- YOU CAN ALSO FIND ME ON ... FACEBOOK - FL4MEWITHA4: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: SNAP CHAT: flame1984 VINE: FL4ME or @flamegtr REDDIT: FL4MEWITHA4

diy how to plastic brembo brake caliper. PROFFESINAL LOOK! DONT PAINT BRAKES!
Silicon: brake cover: DIY This is a guide on putting on plastic Brembo brake caliper. in my opinion, these are way better than painting your brakes. these Brembo brakes cover really do stand out from anything I have to see. All Music By: Blue Stahli- 1. High Heeled Low Life 2. The Ulimate 3. Hit Me 4. Disco Punks on Jolt 5. Kill Me Every time (Hypnotic Mix)