11.24@121.97mph 4-9-10 Firebird Raceway fuel only on street tires. Visit us in LAS VEGAS, NV at our new location! 702-527-1809

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2015 duramax vs 2014 powerstroke
Duramax is completely stock besides 110 hp tuner. Powerstroke has dpf delete 5 inch Exhaust H&S 150 hp tuner. Both Boosted launched just over 1500 rpm

Duramax Diesel beating a Vette - 12.10 @ 116 MPH
Duramax winning a drag racing against a Vette at high altitude

Underground Diesel Performance 10.50@137.7mph Run
Newly Tolf and his Underground Diesel Performance LB7 Duramax runs 10.5 @ 137 MPH at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Twin turbo Duramax fuel only run, on slicks. First run on new motor and slicks. Truck has plenty left in the tuning. 9's coming??? Thanks to: ATS Diesel Performance PPE (Pacific Performance Engineering) Industrial Injection Yukon Grizzly Underground Diesel Performance 2595 West Post Rd. Ste. C Las Vegas, NV. 89119 702-737-7333 Sales@UndergroundDiesels.com

Lifted Gm Duramax diesel truck hill climb
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