Mazda RX7 FC3S Mazdaspeed Coilover Suspension Apex GT Cat Back Exhaust Drive

Short mountain run in the hills with my Mazda 1990 RX7 GTU turbo TII Swap FC3S . and I got blocked by some slow SUV. I decided to mount my camera in my sun-visor pocket and it actually help the cam in place.

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RX7 fc3s on the nordschleife
My 3th lap on the green hell, awesome!

Chasing the Dragon III Mazda FC RX7 C Street Prepared (CSP),
1987 Mazda RX7, CSP raced Sept. 27th, 2012, skip to 7:00 mins for racing footage. Thanks to Ted Theodore for the great event

Cj Drifting an FC Rx7 At PPIR Colorado

1991 S5 Mazda RX-7 Convertible Test Drive
S5 convertible Mazdaporn. It may be boring to a lot of folks. I wind it out at 3:45, soundcheck at 4:40. When I filmed this video it had a few mods for track days: Kirk roll bar Racing beat streetable header Rtek 2.0 n/a ECU Adjustable rear camber link Hawk HP+ brake pads Braided stainless brake lines Momo steering wheel with quick release I put it mostly back to stock and sold it a few months ago. It is a gorgeous car. I lost my extra garage space and wasn't about to leave it outside, so she had to go :(