Mazda RX7 FC3S Mazdaspeed Coilover Suspension Apex GT Cat Back Exhaust Drive

Short mountain run in the hills with my Mazda 1990 RX7 GTU turbo TII Swap FC3S . and I got blocked by some slow SUV. I decided to mount my camera in my sun-visor pocket and it actually help the cam in place.

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Mazda rx7 fc3s turbo exhaust sound
Sound clip of my 3"Exhaust. RSR downpipe into Magnaflow oval muffler into GP Sports cat-back.

Straight piped rx7 fc rev
91 rx7, NA, rebuilt motor, SDJ header, 2.5" piping, 3 foot resonator, powered by max coilovers, cusco roll cage, Mustang gt wheels, s13 lip, g35 mud guards, shine auto side skirts. Rev 1k - 8.5k RPM

Fc Rx7 Jdm out for a drive
out for a sunday cruise in the fc. found a honda to eat...

FC3S Exhaust - Racing Beat vs HKS
Racing Beat Rev II versus the HKS Silent Hi-Power Exhausts. The HKS is MUCH louder and more aggressive, especially since there is no cat or presilencer. Just the resonator and muffler. Filmed with a Hero 2 and External Mic on the License plate bracket.