Mazda RX7 FC3S Mazdaspeed Coilover Suspension Apex GT Cat Back Exhaust Drive

Short mountain run in the hills with my Mazda 1990 RX7 GTU turbo TII Swap FC3S . and I got blocked by some slow SUV. I decided to mount my camera in my sun-visor pocket and it actually help the cam in place.

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Machine Wet Sanding Clear Coat Paint with DA 3000 final
Trizact hook-it 3 3000 grit before polishing with a dyna-brade DA

RX7 FD3S Greddy Ti exhaust with Adaptronic ecu
Eric was tunning his idle after we installed the tps and throttle body in with his single turbo kit and adaptronic standalone

My 1993 RX7 FD Street Port Engine Start & Exhaust Sound
I got this 1993 RX7 which was not running with some injector and electrical issues.Got her running today and idling no problem! Just need to get the headlamps opening, I might have pulled the fuse out. I got this car about 4 months ago.

Headlamp Restoration The Right Way with DA Sander
Professionally restoring headlight lenses removing oxidized faded foggy haze. I used some 3M products I usually use in clear coat sanding to restore my 2001 Honda insight headlamps before I sell her tomorrow. The new owners will like this. I used 1500 Trizact hook it 3 discs on a 6" interface foam pad to the 6" backing. Dynabrade 3/32" (2.5mm) Model 21055 6" DA Then 3000 grit and a polish with 3M medium cut compound. Add clear paint protection film over the lamps after or use a strong epoxy clear. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (