2003 Monte Carlo SS (blown) vs SBC Vega

2003 Monte Carlo SS with ZZP SS M90 Supercharger kit installed. Ported M90 Supercharger, headers, 1.9 rockers, bolt-ons, 25-shot of Nitrous. Vega had built/cam'd 350, turbo 350 trans, built for the strip...guy was making his first shake down pass ever in it.

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331 sbc vega
75 vega 331 sbc.

04 Monte SS vs. 87 Buick GN 1/4 mile
2004 Monte Carlo - 1/4 mile @ Cayuga Raceway Ran 12.9 @ 107mph on this run. Best run of the night was 12.7@110mph It was cold, like 4C (39-40F) Engine: 3800 V6 Supercharged with a ported GenV M90 SC, intercooled, cammed, ported heads, headers, and a street legal Exhaust. Slicks helped, but would have preferred better traction. :-) The Buick GN beside me ran 12.6 I think, 27psi!!!

1974 chevy vega
Black Vega. supercharged ,was for sale in Florida.

Vega Wagon
Vega Wagon 4.1 buick v6