1980 Mini Convertible - First start in over 10 years

One very, very rusty mini. We bought this little car for spares. The previous owner had carried out all the work to get it back on the road, over 10 years ago - including a full conversion to make it a convertible. Then, he left the car outside and didn't touch it until we towed it away. The fuel lines are ruined - so the fuel had to be literally fed into the engine!

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Austin Mini Cooper S - Arden 8 Port Lucas Fuel Injection
Car: Austin Mini Cooper S Engine: 1293cc Arden 8 Port - Lucas Fuel Injection Date: 04/04-2015

Classic Mini 1380cc engine - Start of tuning process 2013
Classic Mini w/ 1380cc engine is running poorly after having been to a local "foreign car shop" twice. Time for ME to do a little diagnostics. I've removed the bonnet, air filters, and will start with checking out the mechanicals - engine compression first. This video is demonstrating the STARTING point.

World's fastest MINI Race Car Nordschleife N├╝rburgring VLN Schirra motoring Tracktest sport auto
sport auto's Christian Gebhardt in the world's fastest Mini Cooper Race Car by Schirra motoring: Onboard N├╝rburgring Nordschleife. Full test article at: http://www.sportauto.de/motorsport/tracktest-vln-mini-von-schirra-motoring- kein-renn-mini-ist-schneller-als-oma-5585108.html

Modern Collectibles Exposed: The 2008 MINI Cooper S Convertible 0-60 MPH Review
( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2008 MINI Cooper S Convertible is a tiny supercharged pocket rocket that will put a huge smile on your face all day long. With the top up it will transport four adults around town in cramped comfort but with the soft top down it will take two adults on a weekend gate-a-way in style. Unlike the current turbocharged MINI Cooper S, the 2008 model is supercharged which means that the 168 HP of power and torque are almost instantly available at push of you toe. In another fun and informative TFLcar Modern Collectibles Exposed episode we drive and review the 2008 MINI Cooper S Convertible 0-60 MPH @ a mile high to see what makes it such a fun topless car to buy and collect.