Every Hotwheels Dream 2. Hot wheels track

The experimental sequel to Every Hotwheels Dream Originaly created by Zach Jase Warrington. Hot Wheels Track

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2011 Lethbridge Alberta canada TTC Competition mud pit
2011 Lethbridge Alberta canada TTC Competition

Every Hotwheels Dream. Hot Wheels Track
An original video, by Zach Jase Warrington. This video was made for the Hotwheels.com video competition. Hot Wheels Track Hotwheels

Hot Wheels Motor Raceway Big Air Jump
One of the most popular events on TV is Hot Wheels Motor Raceway, Live from Las Vegas, Nevada. Now showing, Hot Wheels Big Air Jump. To see all my Hot Wheels videos , type ( "hot wheels gman" ) in the youtube search window. Video 7 of 8

Hot Wheels Track ! Hot Wheels Cars. One Owner Used Cars for Sale,Diamonds,Gold
Record breaking length? Over 175 feet of Hot Wheels track. Hot Wheels cars racing side by side 2 and 3 wide. Does anyone know of a longer track? We built it to race on it and it was so much fun. Father and son fun. The amount of paint from the cars on the sign after only 3 daysof racing is amazing!(see at end of video) -- The signs were first put up to keep the cars on the track. Then sponsorship! Ha! Ha! http://OneOwnerCars.com There was a lot of fun racing. The video does not show all the fun. Far from it. Sorry about the annoying "here they come" this is my first video. Thanks for the comments. I just checked Guiness records. The record "Hot Wheels Track" (plastic one lane track) is 1650 ft set by Mattel Inc on July 7 2002 in Canada. But that is "Hot Wheels Track". Here we have a "toy car racing track". Cars can actually race and pass and crash. We have now moved on to RC car racing and Bashing. WOW!!! What fun. Check out our videos in the responses below. We also used Matchbox cars and could call this a Matchbox track or toy cars and toy car track or fast track. Toy car racing. Fast Cars. Fast Wheels. Toy car race. Toy car crash. cardboard track cardboard race track cardboard racetrack one owner used cars auto dealers used cars diamonds and gold