Lost IL Wrecking Yard

Some pictures of cars at a junkyard in the middle of IL. I found it while going to a state college, he had a ton of Ford LTD stuff I needed. This is my tribute to some fine cars that once ruled the road. I did NOT pick this song originaly when I put this together (it was a 70s R&B song), since it was not authorized, YouTube had a limited amount of songs to choose from. This was the best I could find.

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Junkyard Tour: 50's 60's 70's Classics! Part 1 of 3
Hi! Cold War Motors went to the local wrecker to see what was in stock this spring! Join us for a complete walk-through of the "oldies" section of this auto wrecking yard. Lots of cold war classics here!

old cars in florida junk yard
old cars in florida junk yard

1978 and 1977 Ford LTD Country Squire wagon
Here is my new Ford family member, a 1978 Ford LTD Country Squire wagon. I bought the '78 as a replacement for my '77 wagon. The '77 was in a accident being trailer towed by my best friend. The trailer brake locked and rolled my friends 2003 Ford F-250 over, thus making it a total loss. The '77 wagon and trailer did not roll but it did do some damage to the body and inside. I also found two large rust holes in the frame. I thought the insurance company would have totaled the wagon, but they cut me a check. So I bought another Ford LTD wagon. As MUCH as I love my '77, there has to be a stopping point of how much you can spend on saving a car. She has been a real trooper, keeping me safe and getting me home safely. But her road of life is over. The engine is tost and the body has some major rot. Aunt Edna will live on in my '78 wagon. I am parting Aunt Edna out for my new one. There is NO major body rot, no water leaks, a SOLID 400 cid engine, and even working A/C.

Abandoned cars in forgotten junkyard
These pictures were taken in May of 2010 in the Michigan woods. The junkyard is permanently closed and has posted no trespassing signs all over the place. I spoke to the person who owns the property and was given special permission to explore. This site covers 120 acres and is packed with cars from the 1930's on up. I only had an hour to look and it must be done on foot. Enjoy the pics, places like this just don't exist anymore. Truely a rare find. Thanks to my buddy Chris for the tip on this hot spot.