Olds 350's for sale!!

im selling a complete running 1977 Olds 350.. complete carb to pan.. and my 1970 Olds 350 shortblock.. beeterolds@yahoo.com for more infomation!

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5.3 G-body STAND ALONE Cold Start Edelbrock 2215 cam
Running the olds on this chilly March afternoon. Fired right up like a champ. Even with the Edelbrock Cam it runs with authority despite the fact it will need some tuning. Not a bad cold start when you have plenty of fuel pressure!

Oldsmobile Rocket 350 running on a homemade test stand
Hello to all those Oldsmobile fans out there!!! This is my first engine build and also my first ever YouTube Video, so bear with me..lol. This engine came out of a 1970 olds cutlass without A/C. I kept the internals stock because its a great engine just as it came from the factory. It has a Mondello balancer and sealed power cam and lifters. Also added an HEI distributor and R46sz plugs for easier starts and hopefully better fuel economy on high octane(91-93). Ask if you want details on the motor or anything else, Bill PS....heres a link to the car as it is currently with the motor installed....turn it up with earphones!! https://www.facebook.com/bill.ridout/videos/929899603722714/?l=774879883417 6981200

Oldsmobile 350
Olds 350 build