All Motor Mazda 323 V6 with ITB'S 11 sec run

This is my all motor mazda 323 from PR with kl v6 2.5 engine individual throttle bodies and electromotive tec 3 and runing with pump fuel. 3 runs at carolina speedway: 11.9,11.8 and 11.7.

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La Ajena Mazda 323 with 2.5l engine 10.8 1/4 Mile All Motor
Best 1/4 mile so far at 10.8 seconds at 127mph.

mazda 323 v6 itbs
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Worlds Fastest Mazda 323! 150mph BOOST
This turbocharged Mazda 323 has gone consistent 9s at over 150mph claiming the title as worlds fastest!

Philly Racing Meca Mazda 323 v6