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1/14th custom GMC 4905 Bus

this is my custom scratch built bus model :) heh


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2000 Freightliner test drive
its not 100% programmed the sound unit LOL its not even for this truck LOl just so u guys know LOL but yea just test driving

Bus tour in 1948 GMC Detroit diesel 6-71
Bus tour in 1948 GMC PD 3751 Detroit diesel 6-71 Greyhound

railroad graveyard,,linea muerta de ferrocarril,,
after all thanks to the security personnel who grant me took some pictures, sad about the history is restricted to the public, privated properity no open to the public, last pics was takend at the rr museum at snoqualmie wa,

The Return of 2522 & 6512.

1948 GMC Greyhound Silverside Bus Bradley_Cycle
02-03-2011 Silverside Bus up for sale on ebay

1/34th scale Mack LEU
message rempledisposal for info:) on this cab

1/14th Kenworth K100
here is a custom kw k100 ;) took me a little bit to get this one down but hey came out nice ;)

1955 GMC Greyhound Scenic cruiser
1955 greyhound scenic cruiser by Pat McNeal

1960 GMC Bus PD 4104

Part III Allison AT545 to Eaton Fuller FS6306. "My bittersweet journey of converting an automatic bus to a manual transmission." PART IV TEST DRIVE!!! Does it work ok?

1960 GMC 4104 Bus Conversion for Sale 29K Rebuilt engine turnkey SOLD
This gorgeous bus has been tenderly restored from the bottom up. HISTORY VIA exodusbus ... 4104 4968 was delivered to the (privately owned) San Diego Transit System along with #4967. These two 1960s joined about five other charter coaches there. When in 1967 the private company's assets were taken over by the (public) San Diego Transit Corporation, Chuck Ruane of Goodall's Bus Service in San Diego sued, or threatened to sue, SDTC, claiming that public entities were forbidden to maintain charter fleets. There was a settlement, and SDTC divested themselves of their charter coaches - I think six 4104s bought new and one 4106 obtained used.New paint in 2011 with a brand new Onan Quiet Diesel 8000 Generator. Rebult engine with new radiator and generator. Wiring all original and and works perfect. @ new A/C units on top and new awnings. Tires on alcoa rims are very good. Rust free and starts right up as you can hear. The interior has a new microwave. 5.1 surround sound system with 5 speakers up front and two remote in rear. Highest quality speakers and system. Ice Box works off propane, 12V or 110. All appliances work perfect. The bed is new. Chairs and couches all reupholstered in 2011. The bus drives great down the road. No power steering but not bad since the gearing is such to make it steer easily when rolling. Hope you like my update to my old video! http://wwwDONATEBOOKSSANDIEGO.COM http://www.IRSTAXHELP.COM http://www.IRSTAXLIEN.COM http://www.JULIANCABIN.COM http://www.QUICKBOOKPROADVISOR.COM http://www.SANDIEGODOWNSYNDROME.ORG http://www.SELFDEPORTATION.COM http://www.donatebookssandiego.com/cars-donate.html

PD4905 Ex Chenango/ Short Line Buffalo
This is an Ex- Short Line/ Chenango PD 4905 "Buffalo". The body of this bus is in great shape. The inside needed to be cleaned out. But needless to say a piece of Tri State History. Enjoy.

1977 GMC Buffalo Style Tour Bus Motorhome For Sale

Restored 1977 GMC New Look Bus / Saskatoon Transit
Repainted in the original livery / colours, to mark 100 years Transporting Saskatoon!

1960 GMC 4104 BUS
This is a remodeled Bus. It was purchased 8-20-06 This video shows it in the condition we got it.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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