1/14th custom GMC 4905 Bus

this is my custom scratch built bus model :) heh

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Routemaster Bus model
My scratch built version of the London Routemaster open top bus. Built onto a Tamiya truck chassis and fitted with the Tamiya truck computer for electronic control. Time taken is 3 months at a cost of over £600.

1948 GMC Greyhound Silverside Bus Bradley_Cycle
02-03-2011 Silverside Bus up for sale on ebay

2000 Freightliner test drive
its not 100% programmed the sound unit LOL its not even for this truck LOl just so u guys know LOL but yea just test driving

Bus tour in 1948 GMC Detroit diesel 6-71
Bus tour in 1948 GMC PD 3751 Detroit diesel 6-71 Greyhound