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1/14th custom GMC 4905 Bus

this is my custom scratch built bus model :) heh


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2000 Freightliner test drive
its not 100% programmed the sound unit LOL its not even for this truck LOl just so u guys know LOL but yea just test driving

The Return of 2522 & 6512.

railroad graveyard,,linea muerta de ferrocarril,,
after all thanks to the security personnel who grant me took some pictures, sad about the history is restricted to the public, privated properity no open to the public, last pics was takend at the rr museum at snoqualmie wa,

Scania Bus model
Scania Hess 1:20

1/14th Kenworth K100
here is a custom kw k100 ;) took me a little bit to get this one down but hey came out nice ;)

1977 GMC Buffalo Style Tour Bus Motorhome For Sale

1960 GMC 4104 BUS
This is a remodeled Bus. It was purchased 8-20-06 This video shows it in the condition we got it.

GM New Looks Get Scrappedt th
I took these pictures of several 35 foot GM New Looks that were being scavaged for parts behind their garage. This was several years ago and I am not sure where they ended up but they are gone.

1/34th scale Mack LEU
message rempledisposal for info:) on this cab

TAMIYA Wrapping Bus
http://www.tamiya.com/japan/products/49192tamiya_bus/tamiya_bus.htm http://www.dickietoys.de/en/index.shtml サンスタートニックシャンプーバージョン  車両を開発したのはタミヤのドイツ代理店「ディッキ 社」。 近代的な流線型のフォルムをあますところなく再現して います。 室内には40をこえる座席や乗客の人形までセット。 開放感あふれるサイドウインドウから眺める室内は、ま さに実車そのもの。 思わず乗り込んで出かけたくなる楽しいバスです。 ボディ右サイドのパッセンジャードアーは手元の送信機 により開閉可能。本物そっくりのその動きに、きっと驚 かれることでしょう。 また両サイドに装備されるトランクルームも手動で開閉 できます。 ヘッドライトとテールライトが点灯。 特にリヤは行き先表示板両サイドのマーカーも点灯し、 さらに実感的。 車両の電源をオンにすると、走行しなくてもランプ類が 点灯します。

PD4905 Ex Chenango/ Short Line Buffalo
This is an Ex- Short Line/ Chenango PD 4905 "Buffalo". The body of this bus is in great shape. The inside needed to be cleaned out. But needless to say a piece of Tri State History. Enjoy.

Tamiya 1:14 RC Trucks & Bus on Racing Track
Tamiya 1:14 RC Trucks & Bus on Racing Track on 30 Sept 07 at Hong Kong

GMC Coach

Bus conversion for sale. Part 1. In Arizona, (or trade for nice wife.)
Selling this quality built bus conversion. Must see beautyfull outside pictures. It was converted in 1997 and has only been used about a dozen times since then. Has allways been covered and ready for fun & travel. It was built for family use and has 2 bedrooms, spacious living rm, full kitchen with large 3 way fridge,micro, and bath rm with curved walls, Ozite cieling. Very beautyfully done in ash and oak hardwood. Has solar power, beautyfull 21 ft auwning to match outside colors, huge 150 gallon water tanks, 2800 watts inverter. 35,000 BTU furnace heater. All near new tires 97%? Air ride, air brakes, & PS. Has a 8-71 detroit diesel with 4 speed manual. Will do 75 mph. HD hitch. Sleeps 7 people and has huge cargo bays for all your stuff, (ATC's, gas grill etc.) Has 2 air con, 4 burner gas stove & oven, and much more. Chassy is a 1977 GMC 4905A. Can be used for full time living. Has 5700 watts portable gas gen. Email at calivita77@yahoo.com for gorgous outside pictures. Sacrifice price is $35,000. and no trades. Coach is in Phoenix, Az. Nov, 2011 lowered price to $27,000. You can see outside pictures in other video posted.

Semi Truck Multi Function Control Unit #56511
Tamiya presents incredible sound and action options for any 1/14 scale R/C Tractor Truck with the all R/C Tractor Truck Multi-Function Control Unit. This system, when mounted on the truck is located inside the cabin with speaker to the front and the MFC-01 unit to the rear. The control unit is mounted inside the left tool box for easy access. http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=56511

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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2007 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 6.1L Turbo: 8.951 @ 156.990
Harrison, Engine: 6.1L HEMI, Turbos: Precision ProMod 94mm Tires: Nitto NT05R

2007 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 Stage6 Turbo Kit: 9.470 @ 149.000
1BAMFR, Engine: 413, Supercharger: Stage6 88mm Turbo Kit

2007 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 Vortech YSI: 9.494 @ 142.150
BJB, Engine: LPM 426, Supercharger: Vortech YSI

2006 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 Twin Turbo 5 speed: 9.659 @ 146.720
Chris, Engine: 426, Turbos: TT 60's

2008 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 : 9.870 @ 138.000
TOMMY , Engine: 6.1 LPM forged, Turbos: PRECISION 76 mm

2010 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 SUPERCHARGER: 10.480 @ 131.450
E.K, Engine: 7.0L STROKER, Supercharger: MAGNACHARGER Tires: NITTO 555R

2007 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 : 10.699 @ 126.200
Kent Altman, Engine: 6.1 Hem i- Forged, Supercharger: Vortech V-3 Tires: 315/35/20 Nitto NT-05R

2007 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 Supercharged: 10.885 @ 126.380
Captain Terror, Engine: 7.0 L 426 Hemi, Supercharger: Techco 3L Twin Screw Tires: Nitto NT05r 315/275

2008 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 426 ci Whipple Twin Screw: 10.910 @ 124.300
Jeff (jdoc7), Engine: 426, Supercharger: Whipple 2.4L Twin Screw Tires: Nitto NT05 front, Nitto NT05R rear

2007 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 Stock 6.1L / T-Trim V2 Vortech: 10.936 @ 121.960
m4xm1l10n, Engine: Stock 6.1L HEMI, Supercharger: Vortech V2 T-trim Tires: 315/35/20 NT05R

2008 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 : 10.960 @ 123.810
Dan, Engine: 7.0L, Turbos: NCTS rear mount T-4 Tires: Nitto Motive

2008 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 : 11.050 @ 122.780
YoungMedic23, Engine: 7.0L, Supercharger: Vortech V2 T-trim Tires: Nitto NT05

2007 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 Arrington 440: 11.199 @ 121.190
Christian Hull, Engine: Arrington 440 hemi, Tires: Michey Thompson ET Street II

2009 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 Vortech Supercharger: 11.249 @ 119.900
Jake Kawecki, Engine: 6.1 Hemi, Supercharger: Vortech Tires: 275/315 Toyo STII

2007 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 Nitrous: 11.370 @ 119.340
Chuck, Engine: manual fan mod,

2007 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 426 NA: 11.441 @ 114.530
Luis (lchevere), Engine: 426 Hemi NA, Tires: Vred Street Tires

2008 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 : 11.442 @ 119.000
Brian Auten, Engine: Stock Longblock (6.1), Supercharger: D1SC Tires: Nitto Motivo's

2007 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 Vortech Supercharger Kit: 11.498 @ 117.920
SAnderson, Engine: 6.1 hemi, Supercharger: Vortech V-3 kit Tires: Bridgestone Dueler (315/275)

2006 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 426 Stroker NA: 11.520 @ 120.060
Steve, Engine: 426 Stroker, Tires: VREDS 275 front 315 rear

2010 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 : 11.540 @ 117.330
wink, Engine: 6.1 Hemi, Supercharger: Vortech V3 S1


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