duramax powered chevelle HAN 2009

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Cummins S10 vs. Duramax Camaro
Brandon's Cummins S10 drag racing at Scheid Diesel's eXtravaganza 2009. Round #2 rematch put me up against the same first gen Duramax powered Camaro Z28. I turned the Nitrous on for this pass and hurt traction even more.

Duramax Chevelle
some guy crammed an '01 duramax engine in a '70 Chevelle SS

Duramax Chevelle

duramax chevelle, kool april nights 2011
Kool April Nights, 2011, Duramax 2 running at Redding dragstrip, 11.51 @106 on the brakes, 1.60 60' best pass of the day was 11.41 @ 117 with 1.64 60'. the above pass would have been in the 30's if i didn't lift. :)