Project Koala VL Dose

Project Koala doseing on Dyno

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Dosin' my sick azz vl turbo
Finished installing ebay turbo kit on my stock vl sl. Has big cooler and 3" steel intake pipe ( dose pipe if you live in the northern suberbs) so it sounds sick. thats jase my sick cunt bro at the throttle.

2000 HP Commodore VL at NRE. New 441(7.2L) SBC Beast! NRE TV episode 191. Nelson Racing Engines.
First of all, thank you all for pushing us past 30,000 subscribers! The best is yet to come from NRE. This new small block engine uses NRE's big 88 MM Mirror turbos; that's unusual. Look how quickly this engine glows the headers! It means business, yet it is streetable. Keep in mind this engine is not from NRE's Warrior Series. Go to for more information. For help getting your product or service to the marketplace go to

Mock of the new RTA ad targetting male hoons and speeding.

VL turbo DOSE
MY VLT, NA high mount conversion, its got a little Exhaust leak atm, please excuse that. SKR T04e turbo highmount JJR manifold 40mm wastegate 14psi Boost 370cc injectors Dark Half remap. 3" Exhaust. smallish FMIC 0-100kph = ~5.5 secs 0-400m = not tested yet.