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Nissan 200SX S14 3

Nissan 200SX S14 turbo Stuttgart


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hillclimb montee tros marets 2013 nissan silvia drift 1
Pieter Gouwy drifts Nissan Silvia up the hill at tros marets hillclimb

Nissan S13 2JZ - ITS RACING
QUOTE : I Do not own the vehicule, for technicals informations or specifics details, you can contact the owner at contact@itsracing.fr Sorry guys, I can't tell that I don't know :) I've made this video to promote my friend's car ;) --------------------------- Nissan S13 2JZ powered by ITS RACING Fiche technique / Datasheet : http://itsracing.fr/Its_Racing_Carcassonne/Nos_realisations.html Ils en parlent / They speak about it: - http://www.drift.fr/2013/07/close-up-its-racing-s13-2jz.html - http://www.tunelife.fr/its-racing-s13-2jz/ Web site ITS RACING : http://www.itsracing.fr/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/ITS-Racing-luxe-Performance-parts

*Amazing Nissan Silvia drift at the hillclimb of the Tros Marets 2013! *Don't forget to RATE for more :)

Nissan 200sx S14 (S14.5) Widearch Road Drift Build
https://www.facebook.com/snrtube http://snrtube.blogspot.com/ I have this project thread on Sxoc so I thought I would share it here on Driftworks. Just into the history of the car abit. It is A 1996 s14 and My mate swap a BMW 328 for it a few years ago. It had a few mods on it (tubular manifold, walbro, Exhaust and Fmic) he drove it around for a few months until the bottom end started knocking and as he had no money to fix it sold it to another one of my mates for £500. My other mate got a replacement engine and fitted some alloys and used it as a toy for a few months until he wanted to sell it. This is where I bought it, I paid £1500 and used it for 6 months without doing much To the car until one day the bottom end started knocking so I parked it up and used my BMW for a year. After stripping a few bits and selling them over the last year the car was heading for the scrap until I wanted to go turbo again. This was the car just before I started the project. Engine out After striping the bay down I grinder down all the rust and treated it with rust remover and zinc primer using these. And under arches As I was wanting to fit over fenders I had to cut and weld the rear arches Now I could test fit the new arches I got 50mm over fenders for the rear, 25mm s14.5 vented arches for the front. Also got a spoiler that I really like for the boot After ordering new Daiyama Coilovers, FMIC and a 100mm Radiator off Japspeed and a set of wheels off eBay it felt like Christmas when they all arrived As I carried on with the car I sprayed up the subframe and suspension arms etc in silver and some other bits yellow Also fitted Coilovers After getting 50mm and 20mm spacers for the wheels, I test fitted them to have a look. 18x8.5 et 35 front, 18x9.5 et 35 rear After this I thought I best get on and service the engine I bought to replace the broke one But after getting carried away with the paint it ended up looking like this As I bought a 100mm universal radiator I had to make brakets on the bottom to fit it, once I done that I fitted rad and IC When I removed the old engine I had discovered that the T28 turbo had started to eat the housing, so I would need a new turbo. I didn't want another standard s14 turbo so I bought a s15 roller bearing turbo a a upgrade It was now time to fit the engine at last When I had the car on the road the standard brakes where shocking so I had to upgrade them. After looking around I went for Wilwood brakes and ordered a 345mm kit for the front My bodykit then turn up, I got the s15 M sport front bumper and s14 vx skirts and rear bumper Now it was time to start on the bodywork, fitting the over fenders and smoothing in the edges Now Im up to the point I'm currently at, the car has been sprayed in primer and has been flatted back ready for base. As my deadline comes ever closer I've had the news that my carbon bonnet is going to be delayed again So because I need a bonnet to aline the front end I've had to cough up more cash and buy another bonnet. I was lucky to find a Fiberglass Bonnet for sale on here and after a 450 mile round trip i had what I needed to carry on work. Also fish eye Fibreglass Headlights that bought a while ago. Also bought standard lights on Friday as will be easier to fit Also gives me the option of having a painted or carbon bonnet fitted as I fancy. My main job this weekend has been to get the car running. I had to first get some loose ends like modifying the oil return for The turbo and wiring up a electric fan Done. The car was ready to start and after sorting a fuel problem out it finally started. Exhaust wrap has burnt a bit lol oops forgot to update this thread. After the last post i got it ready for top coat. As the car has so much new fibreglass I didn't want to spend a fortune on painting it for it just to crack and wreck a expensive paint job, so I chose to paint it satin black. I got messed about with the standard S15 headlights I bought so I had to use the crappy fibreglass lights I had bought previous. Here is the car after i painted it. I managed to get my car on the road with days to spare before my japfest deadline. I liked how the car was looking but I really wanted a BGW so I got a japspeed one I had the car on the road for a few months over the summer but its gearbox broke and after driving around without 5th and reverse for a while i took it off the road to do few jobs and i want to spray it. im thinking to go a dark metallic orange or metallic purple. A Photoshop pic to give a idea

Nissan 200sx.Silvia s14a Backfire
Nissan 200sx s14a Backfire, Honda S2000, Nissan Skyline R33, Nissan Silvia s14,5, Lexus Is200 Supercharged, Toyota Celica......... auf dem weg zum Reisbrennen 2011!!! Drift, Speed, JDM, Japan, European biggest Japan Car meeting


Mom's Reaction to 1250WHP Twin Turbo Gallardo
RIDE IN THIS CAR: http://LamboContest.com So I mounted up a hidden GoPro camera and took my mom for her first ride in my 1250WHP Twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo by Underground Racing. The result was priceless and I almost feel bad posting this, but you know I had to. Love you Mom! Hahaha Instagram: http://instagram.com/RobertHimler

3100+ HP BBC twin turbo
This is Robert at Chiseled Performance's 3100+ HP BBC bad mother, twin 91mm turbo monster. Build and professionally tuned at Steve Morris Engines.

Nissan Skyline GTR R34 - Anti-Lag, LAUNCHES!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YouTube.AdamC3046 An incredible Mine's Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 flaming and showing off its launch controls in London! Thanks to OK_Automotive: http://instagram.com/OK_Automotive Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/adamcanfield/ Tumblr: http://adamc3046.tumblr.com

1969 Camaro SS Twin Turbo Supercharged Nitrous Breathing Monster
A 1969 Camaro SS with Twin turbos and a Super Charger...and a 200 shot of Nitrous..Horse power is unknown...but it is the most over the top Car I have ever seen...very cool...check it out!! to see more of this car please visit http://scottiedtv.blogspot.com/2012/06/1969-Camaro-ss-twin-turbosuperchargedni.html

1969 Twin Turbo Camaro "Sick Seconds" 3350 Horse Power Street Car
A turbo Charged 69 Camaro....over 3300 HP...and Street Driven......"Sick Seconds"....one awesome Hot Rod!....I shot this car at the Detroit AutoRama 2013...Make sure you follow me so that you don't miss any of the other cool cars I shot at this show! Apparel Provided By: http://www.etmotorgear.com/ Check them out!!

Today I was on very nice show with sport/super/muscle and drift cars! there wer many drift shows, but this was one ogа the amazing! This guy reaaly crazy) His tire was ripping! It was amzing! Very soon more video with drifts and crazy shoooting revs) Thanks for Watching!

Insane Nissan Silvia S14 Drifting - Dave Briggs, DriftMania 2010 Highlights
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Björcks Busbilar. 1294rwhp Supra and Volvo 245-2JZ
Yes the supra is sold :( This is fotage mostly from 2012.. edited and uploaded 2013

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1998 Nissan 200SX S 14 a: 7.969 @ 171.560
Mark Ashford, Engine: Nissan FJ20 (122 cubic inch), Supercharger: N/A Turbos: Turbonetics (T- series) Tires: Hoosier 32 x 14 x 15 rears

1998 Nissan 200SX s14a: 8.118 @ 169.900
Jevgeni Bulankin, Engine: sr20,

1984 Nissan 200SX S12 Gazelle RSX: 9.120 @ 153.430
Ben Diggles, Engine: FJ20 ET, Turbos: garret Tires: 26 x 11.5 x 16 ET street

2006 Mazda 3 : 10.150 @ 134.000
Vincent Tiaga, Engine: Mazda I4, Supercharger: na Turbos: na Tires: M&H

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Billy webb, Engine: sr20de, Turbos: 60-1 Tires: bfg

2005 Mazda 3 SP23: 11.659 @ 128.790
Kurt Scott, Engine: 2.3L, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: GT3582

2008 Mazda 3 mazdaspeed3: 11.682 @ 117.170
NJSPEED3, Engine: 2.3L mzr/disi , Turbos: T3 HTA3586 .82ar

1995 Nissan 200SX S14 SR20DET: 11.970 @ 118.120
Toni Laari, Engine: SR20DET Stock internals, Supercharger: - Turbos: GT3071R-WG A/R 0.64 Tires: M/T ET Street 26/10.50-15

1990 Nissan 200SX S13 GT2876R Turbo: 12.060 @ 115.050
Silver Mls, Engine: CA18DET, Turbos: GT2876R.64A/R Tires: 225 Fronts & 15x8x24,5 MT DRAG

1999 Nissan 200SX S14 Silvia: 12.100 @ 121.300
Istvan Jugovits, Engine: SR20DET, Turbos: Garrett GT2871R Tires: Toyo R888

2008 Mazda 3 MPS: 12.350 @ 119.830
RE-ACTIONENGSPEED3, Engine: mzr, Turbos: k4 hybrid

1995 Nissan 200SX S14 SR20DET Turbo: 12.369 @ 113.900
Toni Laari, Engine: 2.0 SR20DET, Turbos: Garret GT3071R-WG A/R 0.64 Tires: M/T ET Street 26/10.50-15

2009 Mazda 3 Speed3: 12.737 @ 108.510
Daniel Lalonde, Engine: mzrdisi 2,3, Turbos: k04 Tires: Toyo RA1 235/40/17@16psi

1996 Nissan 200SX SE-R: 12.750 @ 106.870
chris argo, Engine: 2 liter dohc, Tires: YOK'S A520

2008 Mazda 3 Mazdaspeed 3: 12.793 @ 106.900
driver311, Tires: m@h 24.5x8.5x15 inch slicks

1995 Nissan 200SX s14: 12.799 @ 105.380
Kjartan Dofri, Engine: sr20det, Turbos: t28 Tires: ET Street 26/10.5/16

2007 Mazda 3 Mazdaspeed: 12.847 @ 111.635
Dave, Engine: 2.3L MRZ DISI TURBO, Turbos: stock Tires: pontenza

2007 Mazda 3 Mazdaspeed 3: 12.906 @ 111.140
Laloosh, Tires: STREET

1990 Nissan 200SX nissan silvia turbo: 12.950 @ 108.000
barry moore, Engine: ca18, Turbos: t25 Tires: et street radials

2013 Mazda 3 MAZDASPEED 3: 12.988 @ 107.850
Michael Vincent Sarricchio, Engine: MZR DISI, Turbos: STOCK K04 Tires: FACTORY TIRE


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