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First Time Starting my Twin Turbo V10
This video was the first time I started my Twin turbo V10. There was no Boost enabled in this run. I was just hoping it started! You can see an ISIS mastercell and an ISIS power cell mounted on the board to control the ignition, fuel pump and automatic engine shutdown. As mounted on the board is an AEM engine management system. The powertrain is from a 98 dodge viper. Twin turbos were used to be able to increase the horse power to 1000hp. The frame is from a 67 Beaumont and has been heavily modified to handle the added power!

That sound 💪Twin Turbo V10 Dodge Viper !!
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Dodge Viper SRT8 V10 [ 8.4L - 645HP ]
The heart and soul of the Dodge Viper is its handcrafted, all-aluminum 8.4L V10 engine located mid-front. This manual-transmission-controlled serpent of the road generates 645 horsepower and twists out 600 pound-feet of torque.

ViperBee 69 SuperBee Viper V10 Twin Turbo
69 Super Bee "Viper Bee" under construction at Muscle Rod Shop