Jesse Onesti MX101 2012 practice

just some practice at mx101 epping, NH

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Ryan Dowd Helmet Cam| Winchester| Husqvarna Ryan Dowd put in some laps at Winchester Speedpark. Probably gonna post one more helmet cam of him riding the husky.

2012 Jday Offroad Rd. 7 Moto 2 - MX101
MOTO 2 On a kx250, not my ktm. still raced in the open class though. In my opinion this was the best jday track to date. i miss elec. start off the line that i had on the ktm.....but man do the 2 strokes rip! had a blast! came in 10th this moto.

NEATV MX101 Open B Crash
Go pro caught the pile up I ended up in

JDay Offroad Rd 7, MX 101, Epping, NH. 7/8/2012
Moto 2 Lap 1 C-Vet