2000 supercharged crown victoria

Vortech powered 2000 Crown Victoria

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Turbo Crown Victoria 8psi
Custom single turbo kit, All Precision, Tial and Treadstone stuff.Just running eight pounds until I can get to a Dyno.

supercharged crown vic magnaflow exhaust 500 hp
04 crown vic vortech superchager 12 psi professional products intake msd coil packs mafia mass air tuner zex 100 wet shot, car made 410hp on motor 500+ on Nitrous

Turbo 2v Cop car police interceptor
rear mounted turbo 2v modular 4.6l stock mafs, injectors, pump, trans etc. 206rwhp stock, 320rwhp @ 6psi

Supercharged Crown Vic @ Bandimere
My buddy's 412 RWHP Crown Vic tagging along with a 2013+ GT500 down the 1/4 mile. This car is damn near the definition of sleeper. A couple details: - 4.6L PI swapped from a 2000 Mustang GT - Ported 03/04 Cobra Blower @ ~9 psi - Custom 5-speed manual swap from 2000 GT - 3.73 Posi - Custom 4" Intake - Custom Front-Mount Heat Exchanger - Custom SCT Self-Tuned - Stock Manifolds / 2.5" Catback This car retains all factory features such as A/C and power steering. How awesome is that? More Boost coming soon!