Rover 820Si 1/4 Mile @ Santa Pod UK

Yes I bogged the launch! Ok! 18.67 @74.91mph Best time was 17.62 @ 78.16 2nd gear burnout for the win!

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ROVER 820 VS BMW E46 M3.mpg
Mais um dia a Ripar em Braga no Trackday.....

Rover 820si
Rover 820 si kesiciye sokma

My 1987 Rover 820 Si - walkaround and startup
Since the weather is particularly nice at the moment I thought I'd do a little vid of my pride and joy. She's a 1987 Rover 820 Si Mk1 saloon in shantung gold with just 22500 miles from new on the clock. I've had her about a year and bought her from another 800 enthusiast to replace a troublesome Audi 200 Quattro that i'd pretty much given up with. As you can see she's had a very easy life and has been cosseted from new. I only drive her when the weather is nice and to shows (my everydayer is an almost as nice 1989 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 L) Given that she is the same age as me, she's done very well to survive in such amazing condition, 800 especially in Mk1 form are become rarer and rarer which is a real shame because anyone who has owned one will probably tell you how lovely they are.

Old Top Gear 1991 - Rover 800
Jeremy Clarkson looks at the new Rover 800. Taken from season 14, episode 17.