Guy Over Revs Acura RSX-S

Guy misses fourth and pops it into second, tach goes right through redline. (this is not my car or me driving)

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Chilliwack Senior Secondary Car Drop
Anti Drinking and driving campaign set up by Counter Attack Road Sense club. A 1992 Ford Taurus, donated by ICBC, was dropped from 90 feet by a 70 ton crane, donated by eagle west cranes, using a quick release hook donated by Transwest Helicopters. The car was travelling roughly 60 km/h when it impacted against the cement barrier. The barrier was used to simulate a crash into a pole or tree. The Taurus was no more and the cement barrier was broken into two pieces. Don't drink and drive.

My progress continues

Acura RSX turbo 650hp
Acura RSX turbo 650hp Tuned by R2Racing & RRR Customz.

Bad Miss Shift 2001 acura integra gsr
was just makin some vids and it back fired...shifted from 3rd to 2nd... VAFC II says i got my rpms up to 9998 now i'm like 90% sure i have bent valves so i gotta pull the money outta my ass to get new ones