Guy Over Revs Acura RSX-S

Guy misses fourth and pops it into second, tach goes right through redline. (this is not my car or me driving)

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Bad Miss Shift 2001 acura integra gsr
was just makin some vids and it back fired...shifted from 3rd to 2nd... VAFC II says i got my rpms up to 9998 now i'm like 90% sure i have bent valves so i gotta pull the money outta my ass to get new ones

Boostin' in Heels! Female Driven Turbo RSX Review!
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$3000 eBay Turbo RSX Shopping List!!
Here is the highly requested shopping list for the ebay turbo rsx build! There are a lot of parts listed in the video so make sure you watch it! turbo Kit (Price has gone up since we bought it!!) - LY-turbo-Kits-/111187026335?hash=item19e343619f:g:mxA AAOxy2O1SWEqD&vxp=mtr Down Pipe - 1925891363?fits=Make%3AAcura%7CModel%3ARSX&hash=item1c63597523:g:zPwAAOSwZQ xW6KBm&vxp=mtr Denso Injectors w/ Adapters - el-Injectors-adapters-4-/201774031666?hash=item2efaab6332:g:xqkAAOxyRhBSy1W 8&vxp=mtr Oil Pressure Gauge - th-Sensor-Fitting-Kit-/401045491240?hash=item5d602c8e28:g:oUUAAOSwjXRXYOlv& vxp=mtr Boost Gauge - h=item3a9394b2ad:g:HEIAAOSwtUtXBIJJ&vxp=mtr A/F Gauge - Sensor-Kit-White-BLUE-/302166891880?hash=item465a8cdd68:g:IZgAAOSwZ1BXd2o1& vxp=mtr Flex Dump Tube - -steel-weld-flange-gaskets-/181777445392 TP8 Fitting for Block (Oil feed/Oil Pressure Sensor) - SUBSCRIBE for awesome weekly car videos! Anything from how-to videos to racing to vlogs! ** We are not certified mechanics. All projects show in our videos are done at our own risk and we do not recommend repeating them without consulting a professional. We are not responsible should anything happen to you or your vehicle if you choose to repeat anything seen in our videos.**

"The Money Shift"
Ouch!!! May 2006 @ Buttonwillow Raceway 1998 Honda Prelude TypeSH