Fbody Crash Compilation

Slide show vid Credits to: Marshu.com Google images ebay sorry no sound everyone.... oh and FUCK YOU WMG!!!!

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f-body wild times
f-body wild times

fbody compilation
Hot girls posing with Trans Ams, Corvettes, and Camaros compilation. Photos came from LS1TECH.com, LS1.com, and FBODY.com. I know corvettes aren't f-bodies but the girls posing with them made the cut, so i added them to the video. Also i do realize that several of the photos are neither f-bodies or corvettes. Music is Burn Halo - Save Me, and Since October - The Way You Move.

camaro wrecks
a tribute to all of the third gen Camaros that lost there lives over the years

Camaro causes Big Wreck
4-21-15 Camaro causes big wreck on NYS thruway near Batavia New York. For Licensing please contact licensing@fullscreen.com