S2000 Turbo vs S2000 Supercharged

S2000 2005 turbo Gt35r(12 psi)vs S2000 2002 Vortech Supercharged V2 - pulley 14 psi -

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500WHP S2000 Turbo vs Supercharger - Clash of the Titans
S2000 Supercharger VS turbo

430whp S2000 Kraftwerks Supercharger Kit #30
This is our 30th Kraftwerks S2000 kit. This is a great kit and does exactly what's it's supposed to. Reliable, clean, no Boost lag, no Boost creep and no head aches. Contact us for your 400whp+ Package. We at LHT have pride in our work and consider every car as future advertising, we give you LHT TLC in everything we do. LHT Performance - 727 344 1800

Supercharge vs Turbocharge - Honda S2000

Honda S2000 vs BMW M4 Nurburgring Nordschleife 24.05.2015 BTG 8min30
My S2000 setup: - Mugen parts: Carbon Intake box, manifold, catback, Carbon front bumper, flat bottom, Carbon hood. - ECU TracySport Vtec at 5400rpm - Chassis: Coilovers Tein MonoFlex, Front Break kit AP Racing, Front bar Spoon - Wheels: 17" PRODRIVE OEM size with Yokohama Néova AD08R (215/45/17 & 245/40/17) - Geometry adjustment: Camber Front -1° / Camber Rear -2° / Caster 6°45" / Toe Front 0° / Toe Rear 0°20 - Power : 250hp - Weight : 1210kg