Drag Racing In The '60s US Nationals Part 1

Pictures and movies that I took at the US Nationals at Indy in the '60s.

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Dorothy Davis drag racing her 426 hemi 1964 dodge 1960's
Dorothy Davis held National records in the 1960's in her 1964 Dodge Factory lightweight 426 Hemi, The Wild Wild West.YOU ROCK DOROTHY !!!

Travel back in time during the early years of drag racing broadcasts. This 1975 U.S. Nationals appeared as a part of ABC's Wide World of Sports. Much of the show is spent speaking of safety and technical aspects of championship drag racing. You'll see the legends such as Don "Big Daddy" Garlits, Shirley "Cha Cha" Muldowney, Raymond Beadle, Don Prudhomme, Don Carlton, Dale Armstrong, and Jeg Coughlin. There's also a cameo appearance by the Tijuana Taxi. Also featured is the horrendous Top Fuel crash of Dick LaHaie and a three-wheel Funny Car, not on purpose. Chris Economacki is your host.

The Surfers win Bakersfield
1966 US Fuel & Gas Championship. Bakersfield, CA held by the Smokers. The Surfers vs Warren & Coburn in TOP FUEL.

This might just be the most pure drag race coverage you've seen in a while. Produced by the group at Diamond P for the up and coming ESPN network during the 1980 season, sit back and watch 90 minutes of drag racing from the NHRA Fallnationals at Seattle International Raceway in Kent, Wash. You'll see the legends ... Raymond Beadle, Shirley Muldowney and Bob Glidden mixing it up with the likes of Dale Armstrong, Jeb Allen and Lee Shepherd. You'll also see three rounds of Pro Comp eliminator as well as the ultimate tortoise and the hare match between Terry Hoard's C/Modified Compact and Dave Hutchens' A/Gas Opel. The great voice of the late Steve Evans make this vintage broadcast a must-see video.