The Slowest Drag Car (Ford Sierra 1.8 LX)

They don't get much slower than this.Ran 22.65 seconds in the right hand lane.

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Drag Cars Gone WILD!!! Crashes & Wheelstands
A fresh edit of some wild Heads Up Drag Racing 'wow' moments from various dragstrips across the U.S. As always, all off the drivers were OK.

10 Wheelstands with absolutely BRUTAL landings. Which do you think did the most damage?

Worlds Fastest Drag Car
This Is A Fucking Fast Car :)

Fastest skyline drag race car in Europe (correct at time of posting)
Tim Websters Skyline winning the JapShow Finale 2006. From the Event DVD produced by for Santa Pod. Available from Santa Pod Raceway - telephone 01234 782828