Aerolite 103 in California

This is a circuit of Brian Ranch airport in Southern California.

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Flying my AeroLite 103
Me flying my AeroLite 103 ultralight over Hermann Missouri in August 2006

RideAlong! in an Aerolite 103 Ultralight - EAA AirVenture 2014
RideAlong! in an Aerolite 103 ultralight aircraft over the Ultralight area at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI. For more airshow and aviation videos, photos, and merchandise, check out our website at and Check out the Aerolite at!

Microlight engine failure at 300ft
This is the incredible moment a cockpit camera captures the terrifying moment a micro-light's engine cuts out in mid-air, forcing the pilot to make an emergency crash landing. Aviator John Merriman, 53, was making a solo flight in his two-seater microlight aircraft above the Somerset countryside this month, during a rare spell of good weather. Soaring at 300ft and at a steady speed of 50 knots, it was John's second flight of the day. But 11 minutes into the flight, the engine suddenly cut out, bringing the propeller to a juddering halt and filling the cockpit with an eerie silence.

Aerolite 103 on a windy day
Flying during a windy day