2012 Ford Focus MyFord Touch Performance Upgrade

2012 Ford Focus MyFord Touch Performance Upgrade finally came, here is an unboxing video of it, if you have any questions just let me know.

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2012 Ford Focus PowerShift Transmission
2012 Ford Focus PowerShift Transmission. Sorry about the length, see of you notice anything special.... Any Questions Please Ask

2015 Ford Focus MyFord Touch Wallpaper
How to add and change your MyFord Touch wallpapers via USB stick.

2012 Ford Focus MFT Gen 2.0 Update
2012 Ford Focus MyFord Touch Gen 2.0 Update. Let me know what you guys think of the system, maybe I am just lucky but *for now* and hopefully for a long time coming it is working as it is suppost to and I love it

2012 Ford Focus Dyno testing (uncut pure sounds!)
http://www.POVtestdrive.com - How much power will the 2012 Ford Focus put down on the Dyno? Shot at Pete Stop Motor Company in Pinellas Park, watch and see just what kind of horsepower and torque numbers the 2.0 SEL can put to the wheel! Stock specifications: Type 2.0-liter Ti-VCT I-4 Manufacturing location Dearborn, Mich. Configuration Aluminum block and head Valvetrain DOHC, four valves per cylinder, twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) Bore x stroke 3.44 x 3.27 in Displacement 122.0 cu. in. / 1,999 cc Compression ratio 12.0:1 horsepower 160 @ 6,500 rpm Torque 146 lb.-ft. @ 4,450 rpm Source of Specs: http://media.ford.com/images/10031/2012_Focus_Specs.pdf