2012 Ford Focus MyFord Touch Performance Upgrade

2012 Ford Focus MyFord Touch Performance Upgrade finally came, here is an unboxing video of it, if you have any questions just let me know.

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2012 Ford Focus MFT Gen 2.0 Update
2012 Ford Focus MyFord Touch Gen 2.0 Update. Let me know what you guys think of the system, maybe I am just lucky but *for now* and hopefully for a long time coming it is working as it is suppost to and I love it

Our 2012 Ford Focus Takes the Train to Denver
The 2012 Ford Focus that we ordered from Big Mike Naughton Ford arrived in Denver by train from the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan, on April 22, 2012. Thanks to the hospitality of Union Pacific management and crew, I was able to see our car roll down the ramp from the rail car, and then I had another surprise. I will be sharing what I learn about the innovative MyFord Touch technology in the Focus each Wednesday on my Edge of the Road audio podcast, all about the gadget on wheels formerly known as your car. You can subscribe at the iTunes Store or check out the web site. I hope you'll drop by and share your own experiences with MyFord Touch and other leading-edge car technologies.

Ford Focus 2012 SEL MyFord Touch Audio/Video Recording
I really haven't had too many problems with MFT, but like everyone else, I'm still waiting for Ford to send the usb update (hopefully before April 2012) and see what changes if any that could improve this baby. In this video all I wanted to do was get a simple recording and a playback on MFT screen. I was setup using my guitar (1980 Lotus) going through wireless transmitter (AKG PT 40 Pro) and a small battery amp (Roland Mobile Cube) that was sitting on top of the car hood. The wireless transmitter was connected with a 80 watt inverter (Chicago Electric) then connected to the Focus 12 volt input. I was surprised there was no electrical interference with these devices. It did start making the crackling sound once I started playing higher notes, but that was because of the volume. Overall, the Ford Focus is sound, I love the car. Oh and I recorded using a JVC Everio (GZ-MG77U). Wish I had a better recording device.

Focus MyFordTouch Update - Step By Step Tutorial Brought To You By Morrie's Minnetonka Ford Lincoln
http://www.morriesmtkaford.com The Performance upgrade to your MyFordTouch system will soon be delivered to you. Use this general walkthrough to assist you in performing your upgrade using the USB drive and Navigation SD Card provided in the packet sent by Ford. Should you have any questions, please contact Morrie's Minnetonka Ford Lincoln's Service department at 952.543.7651 Morrie's Minnetonka Ford Lincoln is proud to serve the Minneapolis-St. Paul-MN area and is excited to introduce you to the new Ford Fusion. We are the only dealer who offers the Buy Happy Promise, which includes our best price first, commission-free salespeople, no-cost oil changes, free car washes, rewards towards your next car, a lifetime powertrain warranty, plus more. We proudly serve Minneapolis-St. Paul and the neighboring areas in Minnesota. Read about what other Minneapolis-St. Paul Ford customers have said about their buy happy experience on Google: http://g.co/maps/udz3p