John 06 Automatic WRX vs Shawn Maxima 97 Street Wars 3 4-6-08 racewaypark ニュル24時間レース・WRX STIシェイクダウン一部始終/ IMPREZA WRX STI (NBR24仕様) driver: John R. Torres

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~1999 maxima vs 2006 350z at Infineon Raceway~
me racing a 350z.....then my homeboy racing his legend.

Subaru Sti Vs WRX Automatic Racewaypark New Jersey

My ride in a 12 second AUTOMATIC WRX
Got the opportunity to ride in my buddies 08 WRX hatchback, an AUTO that runs 12s :) Also, forgive my excitement, i don't own a turbo car (yet) so its quite an experience for me when i get to ride in one. Im not sure on all the mods, i know its got a larger turbo, EWG and supporting mods.

04 Nissan Maxima vs 2013 Subaru WRX
I had the chance to run the 2013 Subaru STI and I gotta say off the line I had no chance but on a roll it was definitely a different story. I don't get youtubers. If you're wining they hate, if you loose they hate, if you win and loose they still hate. Hope the haters feel good when they dislike. I'll still be wining ^_^