John 06 Automatic WRX vs Shawn Maxima 97 Street Wars 3 4-6-08 racewaypark ニュル24時間レース・WRX STIシェイクダウン一部始終/ IMPREZA WRX STI (NBR24仕様) driver: John R. Torres

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~1999 maxima vs 2006 350z at Infineon Raceway~
me racing a 350z.....then my homeboy racing his legend.

Blue WRX Sti vs Turbo Maxima
WRX STi vs 02 turbo Maxima

08 sti vs 06 wrx cobb stage 2
my new sti vs my buddies cobb stage 2

My ride in a 12 second AUTOMATIC WRX
Got the opportunity to ride in my buddies 08 WRX hatchback, an AUTO that runs 12s :) Also, forgive my excitement, i don't own a turbo car (yet) so its quite an experience for me when i get to ride in one. Im not sure on all the mods, i know its got a larger turbo, EWG and supporting mods.