XB GT Coupe 383 Stroker (replica) 1

my 1974 xb gt

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XB GT Coupe 383 Stroker (replica) 2
Taking my old beast out for a quick spin. In the early stages of being restored. (fuck power steering lol)

Adrian's XB Coupe build.

XB coupe running for the first time
as the title says, 351-2v C4 9 inch coupe, have waited six months to hear what it sounds like :)

Australian Falcon XA GT V8 Coupe Hardtop - 1972 Bathurst winner Allan moffat
This our Australian Ford Falcon V8 XA Falcon GT Coupe Hardtop Replica of the 1972 Bathhurst Winner driven by Allan Moffat Music by the Skyhooks. Available for Wedding Car Hire www.Aussiev8musclecars.com