2010 British Superbike Oulton Park - Tommy Hill causes chaos

Complete mayhem in race 2 of the British Superbikes at Oulton Park. Tommy Hill outbrakes himself while trying to regain second place and takes out himself and James Ellison. Desperate to score some points and keep his championship lead, Hill remounts a broken Suzuki and gets himself back in the race. Meanwhile, Michael Laverty crashes out on the next lap, and then Hill's damaged machine throws him off at high speed and destroys itself, catching fire against the tyre wall. In the process of this crash, the bike dumps oil all over the track and wipes out all 4 of the riders battling for 16th place: Pauli Pekkanen, Chris Burns. Chris Seaton and Aaron Zanotti. Also included is WORX Suzuki team manager Jack Valentine's interview with Tony Carter about the one bike, one rider rule.

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Tommy Hill, BSB 2012 Assen, Failed stoppie? Grid crash
23-09-2012 Tommy Hill crashes while entering the starting grid. The action starts after about 01:05 Sorry about the bad sound quality. Hope you enjoyed

2000 World Superbike Phillip Island - Carl Fogarty's career-ending crash
Running in 12th place, Fogarty approaches Robert Ulm whose private Ducati is suffering from a mis-fire. Ulm is paying more attention to the bike toubles than the track and he moves over on Fogarty, who gets sent onto the grass. What you don't see in the video is that he hits the bare tyres at the side of the track at almost 100 miles an hour. The onboard footage makes this look a more innocuous crash than it really was.

Horrible motorbike crash KNOCKED OUT 2010 Australian Superbike Championship Eastern Creek
A rider has a terrible crash during one of the Australian Superbike races at Eastern Creek in 2010.

1994 Suzuka 8 Hours - Hirofumi Takada's Inferno
Half an hour into the race, Takada's Yamaha obliterates itself sending the rider flying and setting fire to itself and the barriers. The oil left on the circuit takes down Daijiro Kato, Shinichi Hirasawa and Akio Mitoma and causes the race to be halted for over an hour.