How to start a 1985 Chevy Custom Deluxe

Starting up the damn thing. COLD START. 350 V8

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1985 Chevrolet C10 SWB Full Custom Truck
This is a video designed to help show people interested in buying the truck a little more than what just pictures alone can show.

1985 chevy k20 old start cold start
Drug this old girl out from siting for a good 10 years

1985 Chevy C20 Cold start August 2010
I have not started the old 305 powered C20 up in at least 2 months, time for a cold start.

Blue Truck Thunder!
This is me revving my new 85 Chevy C10 Silverado, I got it this winter and so far all I had to do was put in some new lights, trim, front bumper ,and I have some work on the left front fender, after it got hit in the supermarket parking lot. Other than that the truck is like new! It was built as a show truck by the previous owner, so that means everything from paint, tires, breaks, and interior is LMC new. The truck only has 62,000 original miles on it and a new engine that is barely broken in with only about 4,700 on it, and I think you can guess the engine by the sound. lol