265 Hemi Six Dyno Tests @ COME Racing - Triple Webers and Megasquirt

Brett, Sam, Ads and Shane Dynotest Bretts 265 Chrysler Valiant Hemi Six Cylinder engine with a Custom Megasquirt Fuel Injection & Crank Fired Coilpack Ignition system on Sam's Engine Dyno. It made about 300 Hp (Ok, 297) with lots more tuning to do in the car, but ran very well with even the limited amount of tuning time we had on the Dyno. Tested with the Weber Carbs as a Baseline, then the Megasquirt Injection to compare. The O2 Based AutoTune function is Great ! We had it dialled in to the Ballpark Map with about 10 minutes work.... Later in the car.. we will "engage" the Nitrous System ! :) Looking Forward to getting it in the Charger and having some more time to tinker !

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Mirabito Performance 265 HEMI.... Head and Cam Combo [Part 2]
Hi , this is just a look at how this HEMI 6 head and cam combo comes together and process it goes through . Hope you enjoy it . Mopar or no car !

Mirabito Performance 265 HEMI.... Head and Cam Package [Part 3]
( Now with Audio ) Hi guys, this is part 3 of the Hemi 6 Head and Cam package. Just so you know, in this video I have only fitted the head to the engine, {NO} cam yet. I have done this so everyone can get a clear view of each step taken and how it affects performance. Hope you enjoy the video Mopar or no car !

HEMI 6 turbo runs 7s! ~ JUSTA6
Doing it the hard way is Andrew Sanders' Chrysler Centura. Powered by an Aussie manufactured 265ci HEMI six cylinder, the Prescision turbocharged OHV engine is extremely old school in design. Getting to this point has been many years in the making. Specialised Power Porting Extrude Honing. FUCHS Nitro Thunder, Calder Park, Australia October 19th 2013 http://www.facebook.com/fullBoostcomau http://www.youtube.com/user/fullBoostcomau https://twitter.com/fullBoostcomau http://www.fullBoost.com.au

Mirabito Performance 265 HEMI Head and Cam Package [Part 4]
In this video, you will see a true back-to-back from auto to manual. In Part 3 we maxed out 186rwkw (250rwhp) with the auto. Now using the exact engine, the only mod was the gearbox change, as you will see in this video. Hope you all enjoy!