My racing sim... Triple screen, Real dash, Leather seat

Here is my racing sim... Triple 22 inch monitors.. MKIV VW Jetta dash.. 6 speed shifter, clutch, brake, gas, and e-brake that works with both PC and PS3. I play Live for Speed, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and rFactor.

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BlueTiger Full-Motion Racing Simulator 12-12.mp4
BlueTiger is a full-motion racing or flight simulator for home or commercial use. It uses off-the-shelf PC video games. Complete ready-to-play BlueTiger systems start as low as 14k. A maxed-out system with everything is less than 22k. It has patent-pending center-of-mass / center-of-movement geometry that provides low-latency, high performance 2g change of direction movement. (2 DOF, 40 degree pitch and roll, with 20" of heave, 16" of surge and 16" of sway associated with the pitch and roll movements). Available direct from turn-key or in components. Bluetiger has an extremely competitive price for a real 40 degree motion platform. Contact for more information.

Best Racing Simulator Setup on YouTube 4 Screens, Full Cockpit, Force Feedback & iHud
*Make sure you watch past the intro, the beginning is a joke!* Purchase T500RS Wheel @ Purchase TH8RS Shifter @ Please Like, Favorite & Subscribe if you enjoy this video! Come talk to me! Come laugh at me (do it...) (new Instagrams daily!) Want a T-Shirt or Coffee cup? I recently did a full review of a Virtual GT professional motion simulator playing iRacing and it was simply amazing, but it was also $40,000 USD to purchase which made me really appreciate what I have built myself. I decided it was time to do a full review of my racing simulator setup which is in my opinion very good and the best part is that it can easily be put away when not in use and the I don't have to dedicate a system and displays just to it! The foundation of my simulator is the Obutto R3volution cockpit which is in my opinion the best home racing cockpit you can buy. It uses the standard racing position unlike most of the simulators that use a standard street car sitting position. It's also made out of very heavy duty steel and is so strong a 400lb person could easily use it. It's very comfortable and provides a very configurable and modular platform for expansion. I choose to go with the Thrustmaster T500RS as the base with a modified hub and real sparco racing wheel. The T500RS puts out a lot of torque and the force feedback feels great. If I could do it over I would go with the Fanatec Clubsport base with the BMW racing wheel. I chose to swap out the T500RS pedals with the Fanatec Clubsport padels since they are so much better. My driving improved a ton when I switched out the pedals because now the brake feels real and has a lot more sensitivity. My shifter is the Thurstmaster TH8 which can be sequential or a 6 speed manual which gives me the full coverage of shifting technologies that exist in all cars today. To add to the realism when playing iRacing I also added custom mounts for my iPhone and iPad to run the iHud software and show me real time configurable gauges while I play the simulator. My displays consist of three 46" Samsung Edge LED 1080p HDTV's and my top screen is a 27" 1440p IPS panel from Monoprice that I also use in conjunction with software to generate a digital dashboard while I am driving. To add to the realism I have a Buttkicker audio transducer installed on the simulator so you can feel the revs of the engine and the shifting while playing the game which certainly adds to the realism and tricks your brain into thinking you are going faster then you really are which forces you to be more caution and slow down. I hope you guys enjoy this video and I look forward to reading all of your comments. I'm a very interactive YouTube producer so come find me on Facebook and Twitter and let's chat. Also find me on iRacing and send me a friend request, my name is 'Jerry Berg' and at some point I want to start hosting races on there and inviting subscribers to beat me horribly :P If you have a racing setup please post a video on your YouTube channel and let me know in the comments. I want to see what other people are playing on and hopefully get some new ideas from it. This show is an independent production of Jerry Berg (aka Barnacules). Opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, friends, or any companies mentioned in the show. Email business inquiries to Help the channel by donating BitCoin to 1MfVZVMjfUUq8srg1d4RbgXR5e7JLw7R6P

$50,000 Racing Simulator -- Thrustmaster T500RS (CES 2013)
COMPONENT DETAILS T500 F1 Racing Wheel - Thrustmaster T500RS Wheel - This is a quick look at an incredibly sophisticated racing simulator built by Thrustmaster for CES 2013. This unit features a triple-monitor setup, custom sound configuration and a Ferrari licensed F1 racing wheel. Stay tuned for complete coverage from CES 2013.

Gallardo GT3 Nurburgring rFactor
My car sim.. Triple screens, real car dash, leather seat, highly modified G25.. PC, PS3, Xbox 360. Watch for more videos coming soon.. thanks for watching.