My racing sim... Triple screen, Real dash, Leather seat

Here is my racing sim... Triple 22 inch monitors.. MKIV VW Jetta dash.. 6 speed shifter, clutch, brake, gas, and e-brake that works with both PC and PS3. I play Live for Speed, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and rFactor.

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Simulation Cockpit With Extended Thrustmaster T500RS and TH8RS Shifter Part 1 of 2 -.mp4
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BlueTiger Full-Motion Racing Simulator 12-12.mp4
BlueTiger is a full-motion racing or flight simulator for home or commercial use. It uses off-the-shelf PC video games. Complete ready-to-play BlueTiger systems start as low as 14k. A maxed-out system with everything is less than 22k. It has patent-pending center-of-mass / center-of-movement geometry that provides low-latency, high performance 2g change of direction movement. (2 DOF, 40 degree pitch and roll, with 20" of heave, 16" of surge and 16" of sway associated with the pitch and roll movements). Available direct from turn-key or in components. Bluetiger has an extremely competitive price for a real 40 degree motion platform. Contact for more information.

Gallardo GT3 Nurburgring rFactor
My car sim.. Triple screens, real car dash, leather seat, highly modified G25.. PC, PS3, Xbox 360. Watch for more videos coming soon.. thanks for watching.

Craziest Racing Simulator Perspective Ever
This a really cool perspective of Sitting in a cockpit playing Dirt2, we used a Canon 5D with a 14mm Lens, and added some shakes and vibrations by hand for effect. 3 x 30inch Screens running at 7680x1600 resolution across 2 meters. Fanatec csr elite wheel Clubsport pedals and Frex handbrake. Gt extreme cockpit with carbon Bride race seat, Subwoofer is mounted under the screens.