1999 Toyota Solara TRD Triplecharged Twin Turbo + Supercharged 411whp 481tq

Triplecharged V6 Camry/Solara. 5 speed. forged 3mz swap, GLP MP90 Supercharger kit, GLP EVO3 Twin turbo kit, meth injection. Built By Gabe @ GLP Motorsports. Lots of mods. Find us on facebook @ GLP Motorsports.

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350Z vs. Solara
Now for an even run. Patrick in my car now and all the weight in my back (tools, cleaning supplies, golf clubs, jack)allowed him to come back on me. All excuses :-) DEFINITELY close races.

Blakes old S/C solara
just my buddies old solara

Solara _Driveways_
Couple clips i through together. Solara

Triple Charged Finale
Finally in, here are the resutls of the Triple Charged 3000GT VR4!! This whole project was alot of fun, and we learned ALOT! New projects to come.....