Baby Blue Escalade with matching Nissan Patrol!

I know these aren't rare cars but I thought it was pretty interesting to see 2 cars in an identical Matte Baby Blue wrap! I'd seen both of the cars around seperately before, but this time they happened to be parked up together!

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Nissan Patrol vs Cadillac Escalade

Тест Драйв: Tahoe vs. Escalade
Тест Драйв Tahoe vs. Escalade программы "В мире дорог" совместно с Автоцентром "Глазурит" Гость: Обиди Бомоло Автоцентр "Глазурит" ул. Фронтовых Бригад, 27 тел: (343) 34 - 43 - 200 Производство: студия "Витэсс", 2012 г Сюжет программы "В мире дорог" Журналист: Дарья Букаева Ведущий, монтаж: Антон Плеханов Камера: Антон Басанаев

Nissan Patrol 2013 / 2014 - Review review the 2013 Nissan Patrol V8 Petrol ST-L. This car is set to rival the Toyota Landcruiser. The 2013 Nissan Patrol has a 5.6 litre V8 Petrol Engine. It produces 298kW power and 560Nm torque. This video was sponsored by: For more information and car review videos, visit: Twitter: Facebook:

Cadillac Escalade off road in Dubai sand
This was my first take on the dunes. I know its not the right vehicle for this kind of drive. But it was all fun even without a low range transmission.