Baby Blue Escalade with matching Nissan Patrol!

I know these aren't rare cars but I thought it was pretty interesting to see 2 cars in an identical Matte Baby Blue wrap! I'd seen both of the cars around seperately before, but this time they happened to be parked up together!

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Nissan Patrol vs Cadillac Escalade

Colourful cars on the Corniche in Qatar! Lamborghini, C63, SLS & More
Colourful traffic is exciting traffic! Leave a comment about what your favourite car/colour combination was, and don't forget to subscribe for more videos like this! Join my facebook page for exclusive photos & news!

Cadillac Escalade off road in Dubai sand
This was my first take on the dunes. I know its not the right vehicle for this kind of drive. But it was all fun even without a low range transmission.

2007 Escalade 6.2l cold start reving FULL HD GO PRO HERO 3+ Black Edition
Just wanted to make a video of our 07 Escalade on a warm winter day at 10C. Taking with a Go Pro Hero 3+ Black edtion 1080 P 60 FPS. Please subscribe and like.