PCA Sebring 2013 - Sprint Race 2

First race in the new car. I didn't have a qualifying time for the race so I started from the back and laid back on the start. One of the RSRs spun early so I waited for him and we had a great race with each other running through the field. Lots of great action until he spins on the last lap and I take him for the win of our private race.

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PCA Sebring 2013 Sprint Race 1 Start Crash
Mayhem at the start of Sprint 1 at Sebring. 5 cars out in Turn 1 and I barley miss getting caught up in the action. Amazing stopping power on the new car.

PCA Sebring - Sprint Race 2 - Glasses Cam
Same race as the In-Car Cam but with the PivotHead HD Glasses in my helmet. If you ever doubted that Sebring was bumpy, now you know why teams test there to insure the equipment will take a beating. That goes for thr drivers as well!

2013 ALMS Winter Test Sebring
The 2013 ALMS Winter Test at Sebring FL on 2/8/2013

2013 PCA Watkins Glen race - green group Sprint 2
Here's my footage of Sprint 2 for the Green group (all 944 varient cars) at the 2013 Porsche Club Clash at Watkins Glen. A big thanks to all my fellow racers for keeping it clean, and to the flaggers for watching out for us!