GTi VR6 Dyno Runs

96' GTi VR6 being sound tested for a couple video games. Enjoy!

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GTI VR6 Turbo
Car was for sale, but has been sold. I'll leave the video up though. 400whp, SC61 turbo, C2 Motorsports Stage 2 Fueling.

DYNO 1/4 mile simulation 0-100
and another....

MOMO Vento 96's MK2 VR6 GTi Dyno Pull
MK2 VR6 Dyno Pull 163hp & 170 ft/lb

VW Golf GTI '96 Volkswagen 2.0
Sabado 22 de septiembre de 2007 4:00 de la madrugada. Panamericana ramal a Pilar, Adrenalina..