GTi VR6 Dyno Runs

96' GTi VR6 being sound tested for a couple video games. Enjoy!

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DYNO GTi VR6 (2)
Another angle of the Dyno run during the recording for the games.

Forza Motorsport 3 Golf VR6 Drift
Perfektes Auto für Drift-Anfänger. Steht jederzeit zum Verkauf. Gamertag: S4L ToyotaAE86 Einfach adden, anschreiben, dann stell ich einen in den Storefront. Perfect Car for Drift-Beginners. It's for sale anytime. Gamertag: S4L ToyotaAE86 Just add me, write a short message and i'll add it to my Storefront. Heckantrieb, einfachster Weg zum Drift-Erfolg 100% RWD, easiest way to get the Drift-Lap-Achievement

VR6 Sounds
My '86 Volkswagen GTI with 12v VR6 swap. 42DD Intake, European 2.9L Intake Manifold, OBX Long Tube Header, 3" Aluminum Cat-Back w/ Magnaflow Muffler, Ford EDIS Coilpack swap, EGR & SAI Delete, Stock Software. 164whp/167wtq; 2100lbs.

DYNO 1/4 mile simulation 0-100
and another....