240sx vs Prelude h22 vs Saturn Sl2 dig race

240sx (in car, stock, 200k) vs Prelude (aem v2 intake) vs Saturn SL2 (2.2l 5spd stock) from a dig! 240 spun bad on completely bald tires

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Evo IX modified vs Mazdaspeed3 45,50,50,60mph rolls
A lightly modded Evo IX (incar) GSR racing a Mazdaspeed 3 with full bolt ons. 4 different rolls, a 45,50,50 and finally a 60mph.

92 prelude and 240sx fall import alliance
my friend and I having a little fun on the way back from import alliance

Evo X buschur block built head fp black 32psi vs 2007 Yamaha R6 from a 40mph roll
Evo X: buschur built block, built race head, gsc s2 cams, fp black turbo, ets o2 dump, meth injection, at 32psi weighing approx. 3800lbs vs 2007 Yamaha R6 motorcycle: 131hp stock. Bike was on it, he's a friend and was willing to go. Ran another time with same outcome.

Taking the 240SX to Georgia!
After putting the finishing touches on my S13 we start the journey to Atlanta and wind up with two YouTubers stuffed in my hatch... Can't thank Taylor and everyone at Enjuku enough for helping me get my car together so last minute for Import Alliance! Shirts and Stickers - http://LZBMX.com YOUTUBERS! Taylor Ray - https://goo.gl/PRT5X5 TJ Hunt - https://www.youtube.com/user/ironmenfan1 Evan Shanks - https://www.youtube.com/user/mcshanksta SOCIAL MEDIA Social Media: http://facebook.com/adam.lz.1 http://twitter.com/adam_LZ http://instagram.com/adam_LZ Smapchat - Adam_Lz