Jeep JK In-Cab Pressure Guage and Switch Installation

Dominion OffRoad Ultimate OBA Pressure Gauge and Switch Installation Instructional Video

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Jeep Wrangler JK Headlight and Fog Light Removal Guide DIY by Advanced Automotive Concepts
With the headlights removed you can now move on to the Halo Installation DIY: To order the Halo Kit click here: For more information Email or call us 1(800)407-5776

Thanks to JW SPEAKER and the guys at Hauk Designs / River Raider Off-Road we got a chance to install a set of the JW SPEAKER 8700 LED Headlights on the SPIDERWEBSHADE JK at JEEP BEACH. We did the install right on the beach with very little effort or tools required. After running them for a few weeks we are proud to say these lights are awesome! It felt great getting rid of those clunky and unreliable HIDs without sacrificing any brightness. Great product and we highly recommend these lights to any Jeep owner looking for a simple plug and play replacement. MUSIC: RATATAT /// FIVE /// 9 BEATS

116 MPH Prerunner at Johnson Valley
Headed out to Soggy Dry Lake in Johnson Valley and did a little prerunning. Here's video of our rig, doing 115 MPH through the woops. On my run we hit 116. Dan Fresh did all the driving.

'07 Jeep JK - Front Bumper & Lights [S2 Ep.13-1]
Today on GEARZ, Stacey puts the finishing touches on the '07 Jeep Wrangler with off-road bumpers, body armor, and some off -road lights, and builds a very capable off-road rig that is still civil enough to be driven every day. However, just before the Rhea family takes possession of their "new" Jeep, Stacey springs a little surprise on them. He enlists them to help him squeeze a little more performance and gas mileage out of the vehicle, just to prove that anybody can do it! On go the performance air intake, computer upgrades, synthetic oil, and even some slick new seat covers. If you have been reluctant to modify your vehicle because you didn't think you had the ability...Think again! Today's show proves that anybody can be a gear head and make their vehicle better in some way. you have no excuse to not be working on something!