Jeep JK In-Cab Pressure Guage and Switch Installation

Dominion OffRoad Ultimate OBA Pressure Gauge and Switch Installation Instructional Video

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Jeep JK VS Nissan pathfinder, Jeep pulls nissan out of the mud
Hi Guyz this is a video I shot on the Old telegraph track on the way to Cape York! The Jeep JK easily helps the suspensionally challenged Nissan LoL Actually the mud was ridiculously slimey and the nissan put forward a valiant effort - but in the end it was held back by the same thing that seems to be holding back a lot of new 4x4's and that is IFS - why on earth have toyota, nissan and others changed to this 4wd disability- hey if you want a better smoother handling road car why not just buy a bmw - why destroy the 4wding ability built up over years of awesome 4wd vehicles by now giving them almost zero articulation and IFS - Buggered if I know? LoL makes my Jeep look awesome doesnt it! lol cheers Hunty

2012 Jeep Wrangler JK 8 quick tour (2012 Virginia auto show)
I'm not a truck person but DAMN this thing was bad ass!

Jeep JK Locker Override / Bypass
Using your lockers at the wrong time can make the vehicle difficult or impossible to control. If you don't know the appropriate times to use the lockers, this modification is not for you. The link to the wiring diagram PDF:

Quadratec: VIAIR 2007-2011 JK Wrangler ADA Automatic Deployment Air System Installation
For more information on this and other VIAIR products, visit: