Dodge Cummins 4x4 pulling house down!!!!! HOLY JESUS!!!

Pulling an old house down with my Dodge Cummins! :)

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Big Dodge pulling log out of woods - Cummins turbo After being post for 4 years, it's time to add a few comments about this video: Yes, the guy laughing in the video is me - the cameraman, editor, and poster of this video. This goad was to get the pine log out of the woods without being cut up - so that it could be sawed into boards on a portable sawmill. The truck belonged to @DUALLYSMOKE (made very first comment on this video) at the time - and is the only time I have met him. He happened to be there buying something I had advertised on Craigslist and overheard my cousin talking about how he couldn't get the log out with his tractor. He volunteered to do it, part for fun, and part to see if he could actually do it as he said. Yes, I would fit in the category of a Redneck - but I'm good with that :-)

12v Cummins pulling mobile home
Pulling a mobile home with my '97 Ram 3500 12v Cummins for a friend of mine. Towing it off the field and onto the road, in order to get it ready for a semi truck to pick it up and bring it to his job site, about 25 minutes down the road. This 12v would tow it down the road for him, but the mobile home's tires are not made for long distance towing, so they will be taken off and it will be loaded onto the truck's bed, the semi, that is, of course. It was being pulled there on 4 wheel drive low on 1st gear, as the mobile home's tires were sunk into the mud of the soft, wet soil. However, it posed no trouble and the Cummins didn't even feel it - just pulled it right on ahead, as expected. The place is the English countryside. My humble abode can actually be seen at the beginning of this video - if you look at the right side of the mobile home, behind the tree, you can see a white trailer all the way out back. I live in a 35 feet, 7 ton travel trailer with my family, and hence why we have the need of a bigger truck than the usual little Jap ones they have around here, which couldn't possibly tow my trailer, or that mobile home off that field (as he tried with his Jeep a few minutes before I came in, to no avail). My Cummins is my pride and joy, it's the greatest thing I ever had in my life. Hell of a truck, a pleasure to drive and a thrill to tow, handles anything throw at it. When it comes time to move and tow our big trailer, I'll make a video as well. For the friends here who know me, I will have banjo and bagpipe videos coming up in the near future, still picking and piping just the same. I moved from Scotland down to England recently, because it's more friendly when it comes to trailer living. We're headed up to Finland in a year or two.

4x4 Recovery Goes Seriously Wrong PART 2 - What Happens Next?
Get the DVD: ► Part 2 of the original video, this complete segment shows what happened in the lead-up to this mighty bog and how Jase & Simon get out of this scary situation. Official site: Join us on Facebook: See more videos: To subscribe: About All 4 Adventure Series 5: Across the Top ► The complete 5th series of the hit TV show All 4 Adventure follows modern-day adventurers Jason Andrews and Simon Anderson on rugged expeditions far off the beaten track, as they journey across the top of Australia, from the Great Barrier Reef in QLD, to the NT's Western boundary. We bring you gruelling 4WD challenges, spectacular offshore fishing locations, and discovery at every turn. From hidden creeks and billabongs, to historic WW2 plane wrecks, there's always something new to find. With a healthy dose of action, danger, and humour, All 4 Adventure: Across The Top will be an armchair adventure you won't soon forget.

Dodge Neon Crushed By Mud Trucks
Crazy weekend at the Redneck Yacht Club. An older body style ford slings some mud up into the back of the Dodge Neon. A custom Chevy on tractor tires comes by and wants to take part in the action. He parks parallel to the neon cuts the wheel and runs it over with the left front tire. Before the forklift could take it away another custom Chevy Silverado truck on tractor tires gets into the mix and pulls both of the front wheels up onto the neon.