Youngrushhour heads/cam G8 GT -- start and takeoff

2009 G8 GT ALL work done by Kaltech in Long Island 22x/23x .6xx/.6xx cam, ported L92 heads, ARH 1 7/8th LTs, 3200 Circle D stall, Magnaflow axleback, Vararam CAI, full suspension

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G8 GT .... CAMMED - LT's - No cats - Cut Outs ---- NASTY LOUD Acceleration
12.13 @ 112 MPH 1.7/60 G8 GT .... LT's - No cats - Cam - Cut Outs ---- NASTY LOUD Acceleration

Mel's Camaro
2001 Camaro Z28 A4 Custom EPS cam , Edelbrock LT'S, Circle D 3200 stall, 3.73 gears, NO STOCK TUNE!!!

Bad ass G8 female driver vs blown 5.0
D TOWN SHOW OFFS in their Donks pulling in the car show .... Srt4 caliber doing burnouts.... This woman was blowing the doors off of people in her beefed G8

VE SSV cam with "CANNONS"
2007 VE SSV, Big cam, stainless steal extractors high flow cats to 2 "CANNONS" Tuned, over radiator cold air induction, fully ajustable coil overs, 22" G8 rims, Rockford fosgate sound system, walky bonnet, 310rwkw's ON the 22's