Youngrushhour heads/cam G8 GT -- start and takeoff

2009 G8 GT ALL work done by Kaltech in Long Island 22x/23x .6xx/.6xx cam, ported L92 heads, ARH 1 7/8th LTs, 3200 Circle D stall, Magnaflow axleback, Vararam CAI, full suspension

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2009 pontiac G8 GT vs 2012 Boss 302
Raced a Boss 302

G8 GT .... CAMMED - LT's - No cats - Cut Outs ---- NASTY LOUD Acceleration
12.13 @ 112 MPH 1.7/60 G8 GT .... LT's - No cats - Cam - Cut Outs ---- NASTY LOUD Acceleration

G8 GT 3400 Stall
G8 GT 3400 Converter Install

Bad ass G8 female driver vs blown 5.0
D TOWN SHOW OFFS in their Donks pulling in the car show .... Srt4 caliber doing burnouts.... This woman was blowing the doors off of people in her beefed G8