Installing Heated Grips on your motorcycle

This is my walk through on installing heated grips on my 2012 Triumph Street Triple R

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R&G Heated Hand Grip Install You know you've always wanted heated grips. They're low-profile, inexpensive and make a world of difference! Now that you've got your new R&G Heated Grips from Twisted Throttle we'll show you how to install them with this short, detailed walkthrough.

Triumph Daytona 675 & Speed Triple 675 (06-08): How to Remove the Handlebar Grips
This video shows how to fully remove the handlebar grips from a 2006, 2007, or 2008 Triumph Daytona 675 or Triumph Speed Triple 675 motorcycle. The bike in the video is my own personal 2007 Triumph Daytona 675. This video may be applicable to other model years; however, I did not do the research to verify this information. All suggestions and steps taken in this video are for viewing purposes only. I will not be held responsible for any potential failures or problems that may arise from following the suggestions in this video. What you will need to remove the grips from your Triumph: 1) 3 mm Allen (hex) key 2) Phillips head screwdriver (small overall length ideal) or a Phillips head screwdriver bit 3) 1/4" socket and 1/4" ratchet Steps to Remove Right Side (throttle) Grip: 1) Loosen the 3 mm Allen bolt holding the bar end on the motorcycle. Remove the bar end. 2) Loosen the two Phillips head screws holding the throttle cables onto the bike. After removing the screws, separate the throttle cable housing. 3) Pull out the weighted ends of the throttle cables from the housings. Start with the cable on the right (facing the motorcycle), then twist the throttle to remove the cable on the left. 4) You can now remove the throttle grip from the bike and replace it with the new grip. 5) Follow the aforementioned steps in reverse order to re-install the right side (throttle) grip. Please note: * When installing the new grip, make sure there is enough clearance at the end of the handlebar to prevent the grip from touching the bar end. If rubbing exists, the throttle grip is at risk for getting "stuck" open; you certainly do not want this problem to occur as it could lead to serious injury or death. Steps to Remove the Left Side (clutch) Grip: 1) Again, remove the 3 mm Allen bolt on the bar end. Remove the bar end. 2) Use compressed air to lift up the left side grip.As you shoot air under the grip, rotate it until it slides off. 3) Use soapy water or hairspray as a lubricant to slide on the new grip. After the grip has been fitted in the desired location, the soapy water or hairspray will act as an adhesive to prevent the grip from slipping after it has dried. Re-install the bar end to complete the process. Voila! Now you are finished. I hope I may be able to help someone out. Thanks for watching, and ride safely!

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KLR Mods - Heated Grips Installation
So it has started getting a little cold where I live, so not too much riding has been going down, I have invested in some heated grips to keep me riding over the winter months. Here is a short instructional video to show you how to install some heated grips. Enjoy!