GTR vs. IS300 LS1 383 drag race

Nissan GTR 2011 - unknow modifications VS. Lexus IS300 - LS1 383, LS6 ported heads, custom cam, fast 102 intake, full bolts-on. A little bit of juice in 3rd and 4th gear...

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Challenger Hellcat VS IS300 Supercharged LS1 383ci
Stock Dodge Challenger Hellcat with drag radial tires VS Lexus IS300 - LS1 swap, 383ci, AFR heads, custom cam, Fast 102, Procharger D1SC, TH400, M&H drag radial. 700whp+!

1000HP+ Nissan GT-R vs. Lexus 2JZ IS300 || 1200HP LOMA Corvette Z06 GT2 vs. BMW M3
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LS1 Swapped Lexus IS300
Skip to about 0:23 to avoid my super boring intro. I was going to put a mod list up but got impatient and wanted to see what the video looked like on YouTube after being uploaded. This is my LS6 swapped Lexus. All work done by myself with some help from They supplied my headers, motor and transmission mounts, clutch hydraulics, solid diff bushings, modified oil pan and driveshaft. Everything was great and fit perfect. First I had a 5.3 liter iron block in it with a cam and LS6 intake manifold but I pulled that out and installed the LS6 with a FAST intake and throttle body as well as LS7 lifters, Texas Speed pushrods, g5x3 cam from LG, and that's pretty much it. Planning on selling this engine for a iron block 6.0 and a Supercharger after I paint it, so It'll probably be another year or two before the car is completely done. The car is slightly lighter than a stock 2JZ car but currently has over double the power. I need paint I know. This is actually the first video I've ever shot or edited ever so its not that great and I just wanted to get familiar with both aspects. Shot with a Canon T4i and edited poorly with Vegas Pro. No lights like I needed inside the vehicle and I don't have any sliders or anything yet. Pretty amateur but gear is expensive so it'll take me a little while to get everything I want to make nicer looking videos... Plus some practice and learning.

Turbo IS300
turbo IS300 takes on Mustangs and Cameros!