What You Need to Know About Winter Tires

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Winter Tire Myths & The 7 Degree Switch
In this sponsored post, Mike visits KalTire to find out about winter tire myths and what the 7 degree swtich is all about! Kal Tire launches the ‘7 Degree Switch’ campaign in hopes of getting drivers to heed the message of Canadian pro race car driver Amber Balcaen and switch to winter tires at +7C—the point at which all-season tires begin to lose traction. “As a professional driver, I know my experience can only get me so far, especially in rough and unpredictable winter conditions off the track. It’s my tires that let my vehicle stick to the road and brake in time,” says Amber Balcaen. In 2016, she became the first Canadian woman to win a NASCAR- sanctioned race in the US and has since won another in 2017. She is a spokesperson for Kal Tire’s ‘7 Degree Switch’ campaign, which likens the dangers of driving on all-season tires in winter conditions to driving while texting or without wearing a seatbelt. “Having grown up in Winnipeg and experienced the worst of Canadian winters, I know what happens when you’ve got the wrong tires in winter, so we’re saying, ‘Don’t be that guy!’” While those in the tire industry have long understood all-seasons can’t perform well below +7C, which is why Kal Tire has named them 3-season tires, Kal Tire is hoping that fact becomes common knowledge for drivers. To provide proof, Kal Tire has invested in extensive independent tire testing to evaluate the performance of both new and worn 3-season, all-weather and winter tires in Canadian winter conditions. The evidence has been both surprising and significant: from 50 km/h, passenger winter tires stopped over 6 metres shorter on loose snow than 3-season tires and nearly 9 m shorter on icy conditions at 30 km/h. For more information visit kaltire.com Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for KalTire

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Winter Tires 2017
What makes a good winter tire? We take an in-depth look at winter tires and what makes some better than others, from rubber compound and tread design to sipes and studs.

How do winter tyres work?
How do winter tyres work?