The MacKintosh Man Car Chase

The MacKintosh Man Car Chase Paul Newman with a Ford Transit and a Mercedes benz heckflosse

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Italia a mano armata
Ringraziamo la trazione posteriore per aver reso possibili questi inseguimenti...

Eddie Macon's Run - Car Chase
Car Chase from the 1983 film "Eddie Macon's Run". Cars Involved: 1976 Dodge Coronet 1981 Mercedes-Benz 300 SD [W126]

Mission Impossible Car Chase TV 1968 - Mercedes Benz vs Porsche
After years of thinking Barney was nothing more than a Radio Shack hack, I have a new hero. Not only did he show who is boss by driving a corpse around in this porsche remotely WITH a clutch, but he spent the better part the show hooking up air hoses, relay switches, and gear boxes to actually build this thing. Brilliant.

The MacKintosh Man (1973 trailer)
Classic trailer from the PAUL NEWMAN 1973 thriller THE MacKINTOSH MAN... Also starring JAMES MASON and DOMINIQUE SANDA this film was directed by JOHN HUSTON from a screenplay written by WALTER HILL... Why some pricks won't let you embed a film trailer to share with all is beyond me... I guess that's the ruling class for you... But this is America dammit, so I say let's enjoy!