Subaru STi Zandvoort 24.08.2011 - Just for fun

Zandvoort Vrij Rijden - 24.08.2011 Upalanie Zandvoort Holandia

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Subaru WRX 2002 with STi modifications
Subaru WRX 2002 with STi modifications accelerating and riding in mountains. Oh, and some backfires!!!

AWD Burnout in my 2004 Subaru STI - Donuts - Cops shut it down
Bobby Nugs doing Axial Spins in the General Dynamics parking lot across from police dept in Colorado Springs Co. They shut him down! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!

Insanely Loud Subaru WRX STI Terrorizes Soho!
Caught yesterday! Has a custom Exhaust. Guy wouldn't stop revving it! Full video of what I saw coming tonight. Subscribe for more content like this!

Subaru 22B.wmv
Drifting Subaru 22B