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Fotki traktorow ;D

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Symulator Farmy 2009
Symulator Farmy 2009 Koszenie, prasowanie, owijanie trawy i sianie nawozów ;) Myslę, że się podobało :D

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impressionnant drole pas de chance ... photo: vidéo n2:

Colors Song, Nursery Rhymes, Learn to Count for Toddlers– Tractor Backhoe Collection for kids–1 Hour
Educational songs videos to help your kids learn to count numbers, teach shapes, alphabet, letters, colors, learn words. This video has Tractors, Backhoe, Monster Trucks, Zoo animals and more to help educate toddlers with the 1 hour collection of nursery rhymes and educational videos for kids. Children will enjoy this 9 video compilation that includes Blippi's videos of The Tractor Song, Explore a Backhoe, The Zoo Song – Animals, Word of the Day "Spin", Monster Trucks for Children, Learn to Count Numbers 1-5, Hula Hoop, Months of the Year and Blippi's Promo. This is a hour long compilation of educational videos for kids. If your child wants to learn for 1 hour this is the educational video for you. Blippi – The Tractor Song - Explore a Backhoe – The Zoo Song – Animals for Kids – Word of the Day – Spin – Monster Trucks for Children – Learn to Count Numbers 1-5 – Hula Hoop – Months of the Year – Educational Videos for Kids –

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