1956 Ford Sunliner Convertible BluWht

Beautiful condition...292 c.i. Thunderbird V8, continental kit in the back, Fordomatic...what a great cruiser! Looks absolutely factory fresh! Ford introduced safety equipment this year, most of which was optional. The deep dish steeringwheel and door locks were standard, but the padded dash, padded visors and seatbelts were options. Those options were not a dramatic success..safety didn't sell at that point.

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1941 Lincoln Continental 2 Door Sedan Gray
You certainly have to appreciate this "work of art"! This car really was Edsel's baby, working hard to have it produced. The design so captivated him, he had a personal model designed and he drove it to his Palm Beach home..and the comments of onlookers assured him it had a future! It had a V12 engine that used many of the parts of the flathead V8. Note the stylish trunk to the rear of the car.

1957 Lincoln Premier Hardtop Red
Lincoln continued the trend of the groundbreaking 1956 style with a continued emphasis on the canted fins, sweeping lines, and massive curved windshield. It certainly is deluxe throughout! 300 horsepower V8, and there were 15,185 of these Premier 2 door hardtops produced. Lincoln also made 4 door Premier and Landau hardtops.

1937 Cord Berlinetta 4 door Sedan Maroon
An amazing car...a closed sedan to companion with the famous convertible. The power is from a supercharged Lycoming V8, and the transmission is a four speed manual, preselected by that little lever on the stalk eminating from the steering column, and, of course, front wheel drive! Everything is class with this car! When Cord went out of business, this car was still produced by Graham Motors as the Hollywood...but the front wheel drive and Lycoming V8 were done.

1955 Ford Crown Victoria VioletWht Tav032313
Probably the most perfect 1955 Crown Victoria in existence! Great color combination...so symbolic of the explosion of color offered in 1955 cars. The brilliant trim over the roof and inside is so cool!