Mach1 vs new 5.0 Mustang

Test and tune with my mach and up against a new 5.0 Mustang. My best is 11.6 but this is my best on video. Still took the 5.0 easy but then I have Nitrous.

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Mach 1 vs WS6
Grudge match between a Mach 1 and a WS6! LIke. Comment. Subscribe. All computer generated and filmed in Nicaragua.

Mach1 after cam install
First start after Comp cams 106100 install

New vs . "Old" :2015 Mustang GT vs Classic Recreations "Villain" - /TUNED
Each week, we will bring you a segment from the past season of /DRIVE+. If you want to see the content when it's fresh, and not 3 months after everyone else, subscribe to /DRIVE+ and help keep content like this going. The phrase, "Drives like a new car." gets thrown around the pro-touring community a lot. Is it true? Matt Farah drives one of the best out there, Classic Recreations' "Villain", and compares it to the new 2015 Ford Mustang GT.

Cammed mach 1/4mile runs
if you would like to see what this mach ran with a better 60ft watch this vid i belive he did a 1.860ft