Mach1 vs new 5.0 Mustang

Test and tune with my mach and up against a new 5.0 Mustang. My best is 11.6 but this is my best on video. Still took the 5.0 easy but then I have Nitrous.

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2003 mach 1 vs 2015 mustang gt 5.0
2003 mach 1 built motor all manley forged internals with 11:1 compression, ford gt super car cams, on e85, intake, long tube headers with catless x pipe and slp loudmouth Dyno tuned but needs to be retuned with new parts running lean on top end. car has 120 shot of Nitrous but needs to be tuned before use 2015 Mustang gt 5.0 3 inch x pipe and flowmaster outlaw axel back Exhaust. bone stock besides Exhaust mach 1 takes it. rematch coming soon with roll race

Mach 1 vs 2012 5.0 mustang

2011 Stock 5.0 vs 2004 Mach 1 Rd 2
2011 Stock 5.0 Automatic down to the paper filter with only drag radials against 2004 Mach 1 w/ jlt rai, magnapack cb, o/r x, mac lt's and sxt tuned on nitto drag radials. 13.169 @ 109.54 vs 13.365 @ 112.30 SPONSORED BY LONGORIA RACECARS 830-491-4938

Mach1 high speed pass
My 04 Mach1 high speed drive by a couple of buddies who recorded it.