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Fiat X1/9 versus Honda S2000 Goodwood Circuit 2011.MP4

James's Fiat X1/9 versus Dave's Honda S2000 at Goodwood Circuit Easytrack trackday on 12th November 2011


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Fiat X1/9 insanity
Jeff tried to kill me today.

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013 Highlights (HD)
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10 Wheelstands with absolutely BRUTAL landings. Which do you think did the most damage?

The Top Ten Morris Marina Myths
The Top Ten Marina Myths,don't believe what Clarkson and the Top Gear lot say,the Morris Marina was nowhere near as bad as they make it out,remember cars have come a long way since Marina's were made in the 1970's and although not perfect by any means they are far better than many would have you believe. All cars from the 1970's have some fault or another and most by todays standards are pretty poor the Marina was a simple no frills car that gave cheap and reliable transport to all sectors of the market,yes they had their share of faults but all cars from that time did (and how many cars today don't have some sort of problem) the Marina was well on par with most of it's competitors and better than many. French and Italian cars were shockingly bad but people seem to forget this,and although renowned for their reliability the Japanese made vehicles of the time just rusted away before your eyes a few British winters soon sent them to the great dealership in the sky German cars were again only comparable but seem to be rated by some to be far better than they really were.Ford were Ford and Vauxhall were Vauxhall everything British Leyland did they both followed suit,the build quality issues the strikes and far from perfect products they offered to the public,even the Scandinavians were at best only average expensive to buy,run and maintain. Well i could go on but try and keep an open mind about the Marina don't believe the myths it really wasn't a bad car. What is true that many don't know is that most of the early 1.3 Super de-Luxe cars were built by crack smoking satanists at British Leyland's Cowley plant production could only start after a black mass and a ritual sacrifices had taken place,stoppages are put down to strikes by the unions leaders,but the real truth is they were all devil worshipers in league with the Lucifer,Derek "Red Robbo" Robinson was the High Priest of the order and not in fact a communist as the press made him out to be. Thanks for taking the time to read this,sadly those minuets it's taken you to do so have gone you can never get them back again.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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