Turbo kh laser bathurst lap

Going down the back on conrod straight, with massive vaccum leak from cracked runners on inlet manifold. Doesnt stop me having some fun tho lol.

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#65 Junk Yard Racing - 1.8Ltr BP KH Laser.
Round 1 of the 2012 NSW Supersprint Championship at Wakefield Park.

2014 Bathurst 12 Hour - Final Laps Awesome Finish!
Exciting Final Laps of the 2014 Bathurst 12 Hour. Awesome Battle

Targa NZ Ford Laser GTX 4x4 Turbo 2008 SS10 Taranaki Tarmac Rally Day Escort Mazda GTR
We were not ready a the start, so jump to 20sec if you have little patience..... For sale on www.trademe.co.nz 210wkW with 36mm restricter in this video (245wkW with no restricter) on DynaPack Dynomometer SS10 (2nd stage of day 2) from a one-day entry into Targa New Zealand 2008 on damp Taranaki Tarmac Rally roads: they look to be Alfred, Albert, Hill, Maude & Kent roads. Fumbling start - we were not ready - supposed to start at 30sec on clock. Finished 4th fastest overall in this stage with a 9min 32sec. compare Neil Marshal 9min 18sec Richard Mason 9min 28sec Joe McAndrew 9min 28sec Targa Rules, so we use safety/route notes only - No pace notes - we drive it as we see it! And these roads are certainly not familiar enough to be an advantage and allow WOT over blind brows. Speed dial reads to 180kph and is accurate Has Soft OEM suspension; D2 330mm disc + 6 and 8pot calipers with std road pads; Albins gearset; GTR turbo 210wkW 36mm intake restrictor. Gear:Speed @7000rpm: 1:67, 2:95, 3:125, 4:167, 5:210 kph Other 2 stages of the day (into and out of Whangamomona) were disappointing: we had an oil leak past the sump gasket into the bell housing that sprayed oil all over the clutch - not my fault here - dropped back to around 25th in each stage Camera is Mini DV Panasonic NV GS75 - standard lens

Highway driving in a Ford Laser Turbo
A customer's Ford Laser KB turbo "White Lightning" (build #069) takes to the highway.