800hp 66' Chevelle Dragster Startup

This car is being built for pro street drags at the Portland International Raceway. The only origional parts on this car is the rear 3/4 of the body and the front 3/4 of the chassis. motor is a 498 cu in Somers Racing motor built by Archie Somers in Vancouver Wa. Ford 9 inch, Art Morrison 4 link and Lemon Racing headers from Cali. The smoke that you see coming from the engine bay is the paint burning off of the headers.I have been helping my friend with this car for 2 year and its almost done. I will post more videos when completed.

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Blown Alcohol 331
Blown For 331, on Alcohol

baddest chevelle on the planet
first time out this year, driven by professional moto stunt rider Zach Moody. oh yeah, the el camino is pretty sweet as well:)

Joe Priola's '66 Chevelle ~ 555 cu. in. ~ 12 degree Pro-Filer heads~ F3-136 Pro-Charger ~Big Stuff 3 fuel injection ~ New this year: 225 injectors~5" throttle body~ testing at Byron Dragway runs 7.20@197.33MPH 9-6-14

70 Chevelle, 1,300 hp getting sideways
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